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Lyme Disease

Lyme Treatment

At Sponaugle Wellness Institute, we have successfully treated Chronic Lyme patients from over 25 countries. Our clinical research has proven that all Chronic Lyme patients suffer from undiagnosed environmental toxicity that severely suppresses their immune function. Because of their compromised immune function, Chronic Lyme patients always harbor other undiagnosed tick borne and mosquito borne infections, some of which are more debilitating than Lyme disease. Dr. Sponaugle says, “It’s never just Lyme disease!”



Changing Lives - from Wheelchair to Walking
Brain Expertise Makes Our Lyme Treatment More Successful

lyme disease and brain

Why is Lyme disease always a brain disease? Because recent research has proven that it only takes 12 hours for the Lyme spirochete to enter the brain after a tick or mosquito bite.Our brain expertise greatly enhances our ability to correct Lyme-induced brain dysfunction that causes immune dysfunction. Furthermore, we can better treat Lyme-induced Depression , Anxiety and Brain Fog.


Kurt’s Testimonial
Jesse before lyme treatment

Kurt – Before

Jesse after lyme treatment

Kurt – After

Kurt’s Video Testimonial


Eric’s Testimonial
Jesse before lyme treatment

Eric – Before

Jesse after lyme treatment

Eric – After

Eric’s Video Testimonial

Kamea’s Testimonial
Kamea Before Lyme Treatment

Kamea – Before

Kamea After Lyme Treatment

Kamea – After

Kamea’s Video Testimonial

Please watch this video of Kamea, a 14 year old Canadian girl who contracted Lyme disease at age 10 and quickly developed MS symptoms. She came to Sponaugle Wellness Institute using a wheel chair. Kamea went home 10 weeks later able to once again run as seen in her video.

Read More Of Kamea's Testimonial

Kamea Exit Interview Part #1

Kamea Exit Interview Part #2

Prior to contracting Lyme Disease, Kamea was an avid runner who spent 4 hours a day in gymnastics training. In April of 2013, Kamea came to Sponaugle Wellness Institute unable to walk more than a few yards; hence she used a wheel chair the majority of the time. She had already undergone 4 years of initial misdiagnosis and failed Lyme treatment from more than 20 doctors in Canada and America.

Canadian doctors initially suggested that Kamea’s MS symptoms were derived from stress, even upon request from Kamea’s mother, Canadian doctors would not test her for Lyme disease. Kamea was eventually diagnosed with Lyme disease, but her condition worsened each year while she suffered through three years of failed Lyme treatment, treatment provided by American LLMD’s.  As seen in her gut wrenching home video, Kamea struggled to walk the short distance from her bedroom to her kitchen.

After 8 weeks of the Sponaugle protocol for Lyme Treatment, Kamea no longer needed her wheel chair!

She walked effortlessly up and down the halls of our clinic as seen in her video testimonial. After 10 weeks of our comprehensive Lyme treatment, Kamea was able to run for the first time in 4 years. She ran a foot race with Pastor Johnson, one of our patient coordinators. This was the first time Kamea had been able to run since she was 10 years old. Patients afflicted with MS symptoms and Lyme disease always prove to suffer from multiple medical disorders, they are never afflicted with Lyme disease only. Kamea was no different. To regain their health, these patients need sophisticated treatment and extraordinary brain expertise. Without expertise in treating brain disorders, one cannot provide truly holistic medicine.

Hopefully Kamea’s video has touched your heart and prompted you to spread the word of hope and healing for patients with debilitating diseases, especially chronic Lyme patients. Please share Kamea’s video testimonial with your friends, families and Lyme blogs. ~ Dr. Sponaugle

Mia’s Testimonial
lyme disease treatment clinic

Mia – Before

lyme disease treatment clinic

Mia – After

Mia’s Video Testimonial

Stephanie’s Testimonial
lyme disease treatment clinic

Stephanie – Before

Kamea After (2)

Stephanie – After

Stephanie’s Video Testimonial

Stacie’s Testimonial
Stacie Before Lyme Treatment

Stacie – Before

Stacie After Lyme Treatment

Stacie – After

Stacie’s Video Testimonial

Teal’s Testimonial
Teal Before Lyme Treatment

Teal – Before

Teal After Lyme Treatment

Teal – After

Teal’s Video Testimonial

Teal came to Sponaugle Wellness Institute in a wheel chair. Her brain was essentially “shut down” from Lyme and from her previous Lyme treatment. After four years of IV antibiotic therapy, Teal suffered with severe chronic fatigue, depression and narcolepsy…

Read More Of Teal's Testimonial

We had to awaken Teal for her first picture because her brain was so toxic. Teal was so fatigued that she had not visited a mall for 3 years. The night before her second picture, taken one month of treatment, Teal went to the International Mall in Tampa with her mother.

Teal lives in Colorado, although she spent 4 years living in San Francisco and Seattle where she underwent Lyme treatment by nationally renowned LLMDs. Her Lyme doctors prescribed six different IV antibiotics everyday over a four year period. Teal suffered from severe hormonal suppression and antibiotic-induced malnutrition as seen below in her amino acid analysis.

Teal Green  Results

Teal’s Amino Profile


Dr. Sponaugle Brings Young Man Out Of Lyme Coma

The most challenging case we have encountered is John Branch who came to Sponaugle Wellness in a frontal lobe coma. Even though John had undergone four years of Lyme treatment at Columbia Medical Center, Cornell Medical Center, and University of Alabama, this in addition to $1,000,000 of treatment from LLMDs in various states, he had not spoken for 7months upon his arrival at Sponaugle Wellness Institute.

John’s Testimonial
Teal Before Lyme Treatment

John – Before

Teal After Lyme Treatment

John – After

Read More of John Branch's Testimonial

A successful year of college, a cute girlfriend, and a sport truck – life was good for 20 year old John Branch. Youngest of 5 children, a secure family life, living at home. It takes a lot to rock your boat. Never sick, never any drugs…life was easy. However, a perfect storm of genetic and environmental conditions was brewing. Below the surface of our awareness, conditions that would steal and destroy John’s life, health and personality were coming together.

John’s athleticism hid John’s undiagnosed genetics, genetics that weakened his immune response to mold toxins and Lyme infection, genetics that disallow the removal of both Mold Toxins and Lyme toxins, it’s called the double gene or the dreaded gene, genetics that sadly 1 million dollars worth of university professors and LLMDs failed to diagnose, leave it to Dr Sponaugle. The (HLA-DR genes for 25% of the population), genetics that allowed John to carry 10 times the government set level of toxicity for mold toxins, deadly Tricothecenes and Ochratoxin, two of the invisible gases emitted by molds that grow in water damaged buildings and air conditioner systems. Tricothecene has been used by rogue governments for bio-chemical warfare, our government had decided years ago it was too lethal, they couldn’t contain the fallout; Dr Sponaugle teaches that Trichothecene shuts down the entire immune system, destroys the gut lining impairing nutrition and destroys the brain’s white matter, the myelin or insulation on brain nerves.

John’s brain had already been battered by 8 years of playing football. Dr S who also treats brain trauma, explained what no neurologist at Columbia medical center or elsewhere could explain, that John had a “chemical” frontal lobotomy, toxin shut down of the frontal lobe had given my son a frontal lobotomy with similar in effect as the surgical lobotomy done years ago in psyche wards. The inflammation from toxins on top of the bruising of myelin from football, John loved to put his head into every tackle, and a massive brain infection with Lyme and Bartonella, was just too much.

No doctor at Cornell, University of Alabama or any other LLMD knew that the toxins from mold and Lyme that John had built up in his brain, because of his genetics, could not be removed like other people, making his already sensitive and traumatized frontal lobe even more vulnerable to infections and toxicity.

Storm conditions worsen. An infected insect bite on his neck and persistent rash sent John to the doctor for a week of antibiotics. The antibiotics delay for 4 months, a meningo-encelphalitic event that was to announce this storm with absolute fear, trepidation and confusion. Photophobia, extreme headache, seizure-like tongue contusion, and out of control self-destructive behavior lands John handcuffed in a ambulance. “He’s on meth and going to jail,” announces the victorious deputy sheriff. An hour later, when John wakes up in the ER…un-aware of what had transpired, the cop capitulates, but still places him under the Baker Act for one night in the local psyche ward.

His perfect storm had manifested and was followed by months of catatonia, schizophrenia, autism, 9 months of different hospitalizations, psyche wards, and dozens of doctors. With health insurance, disability, hospital write offs and over $250,000 out-of-pocket, his bills exceeded $1,000,000. Our healthy, athletic son became a disheveled, helpless, mindless caricature of his former self.

He had been hospitalized at University of Alabama at Birmingham initially. Evidence of encephalitis was found in his spinal tap. Signs of infection demanded short term antibiotics, but no diagnostic lab could pinpoint the cause. This was to become the pattern for every hospital the next four years. When we notified UAB two weeks after our stay that John had two positive elisas and a 5 band, very positive, western blot from our local walk in clinic, they had a difficult time accepting the diagnosis. “There’s no Lyme in the South,” one doctor explained. Part of the storm that formed for John, included a medical/political/insurance issue that can get you diagnosed a hypochondriac and your doctor persecuted like a quack.

In 2010, while on 9 months of daily IV antibiotics, John becomes cationic for 3 months. We learned to feed him with a straw adapted as a pipet until he was placed on a feeding tube. We eventually sought help at New York Presbyterian at Cornell. We knew of a Lyme-psyche researcher at NYP Columbia and had hoped for some awareness of Lyme, or at least better testing, at Cornell. I guess our dramatic story of driving straight from Florida to NY for help, got around the hospital. One of the neurologists sarcastically told us in front of 6 other doctors: “You couldn’t have gotten any closer to Brian Fallon (from Columbia) if you had driven to Miami instead of New York.” The months of oral and IV antibiotics, biofilm development, and tissue sequestration, must have hidden all the bacteria. John was serologically negative according to the primary lab tests and all of his symptoms were psychological. Psyche wards became our only “harbor of medical hope” for two years.

Psyche drugs were of little help. But the psyche realm offered electro-convulsive therapy. Those shock treatments woke him up for two 5 months periods…enough to regain his driver’s license, re-enter school, and buy some time for Lyme treatment from non-traditional Lyme doctors. Then he would relapse, not to a coma, more of a deep autistic-zombie-mute state. The psyche docs thought he was depressed. The Lyme doctors saw infections by lab secondary markers unknown to traditional doctors. Finally, after 2 years, the psyche-ECT doctor gave up. The ECT worked only temporarily to detox John’s brain. Then we found Sponaugle Wellness Institute.

Dr. Sponaugle recognized that John had a toxic frontal lobotomy. He knew what labs were necessary to identify John’s other infections and he diagnosed John with additional brain infections. He also understood how to penetrate the biofilm formations that were sequestering John’s mold toxins, bacterial, fungal, and viral infections. With four years of immuno-suppression equal to that of an AIDS patient, John had developed several complications beyond Lyme disease and mold toxicity: Babesia, Bartonella, 6 different viruses, FL1953 mosquito parasite, Candida fungus, Morgellons, worms and gut parasites. From day one, Dr S. knew more about John’s brain than any neurologist or psyche doctor we had seen in the prior 4 years, including neurology professors at Columbia Medical Center and Cornell Medical Center in New york! We had seen several Lyme literate doctors – very intelligent and caring doctors – but John’s case had pushed them to the limit of their understanding and treatment because of his high toxic load and mental symptoms.

Presently, John is almost back to full-time functionality. If it hadn’t been for Dr. Sponaugle, we would have finally given up and settled for a lifetime of half-way houses, psyche drugs, and psyche wards for our son. As for most patients there, Sponaugle Wellness Institute was our last hope. Dr. Sponaugle is neither super human, nor angel, but God has given him understanding and tools that heal very sick people. We shall ever be grateful for his help through our “perfect storm” because we know there are thousands, just like John, who are still suffering and drowning in this nightmare of a storm.


Jesse’s Testimonial
Jesse before lyme treatment

Jesse – Before

Jesse after lyme treatment

Jesse – After

Jesse’s Video Testimonial

Jennifer’s Testimonial
lyme disease protocol

Jennifer – California

Bartonella and Biofilm before treatment

Jennifer – Before

No Bartonella and no Biofilm after treatment

Jennifer – After

Read Jennifer's Testimonial

Jennifer was a successful runway model in California until age 23 when she suddenly became “very sickly.” Between ages 23 and 33, Jennifer spent $1,300,000 at California Universities and California Wellness Centers attempting to regain her health. In October, 2011, Jennifer and her mother came to Sponaugle Wellness Institute as a last hope, determined to find out what was robbing Jennifer of her youth.

Upon Jennifer’s arrival, Dr. Sponaugle reviewed basic lab data and informed Jennifer he suspected mold toxicity and potentially, Lyme disease. Subsequent testing revealed Jennifer was suffering from severe Trichothecene toxicity, Lyme Disease and a severe Bartonella infection.

Dr Sponaugle explained that the Trichothecene mold toxin down-regulates the immune system’s “kill power” so much at high levels that even young healthy models like Jennifer are taken down with multiple infections because they have no ability to kill tick-borne and mosquito-borne infections like Lyme, Bartonella, Mycoplasma and Protomyxzoa Rheumatica.

At first, Jennifer and her mother were skeptical that a Los Angeles home could have a problem with hidden mold. Subsequently, inspectors found hidden black mold that played a pivotal role in Jennifer’s immune suppression and Lyme disease.

Lyme disease and her Bartonella infection were causative for Jennifer’s daily headaches which were treated by California pain doctors with opiate pain medication. After 12 weeks of Dr. Sponaugle’s mostly natural Lyme treatment, Jennifer took her second picture. Had Jennifer’s mold toxicity, Lyme disease and Bartonella infection been properly diagnosed years ago, Jennifer would not have lost her modeling career nor would she have spent $1.3 million on failed medical treatment.

Sarah’s Testimonial
sarah zimmerman Lyme symptoms

Sarah – Connecticut

sarah fry test before

Sarah – Before

Sarah After Fry test

Sarah – After

Read Sarah's Testimonial

Sara suffered years of chronic fatigue from Lyme disease and undiagnosed co-infections before coming to Sponaugle Wellness Institute.  Sarah was treated by Lyme specialists in New York including professors at Columbia Medical Center and NYC Medical Center. In New York, Sarah had previously undergone four months of IV Rocephin, 4 grams per day.


Lyme Treatment and Problematic Antibiotic Therapy

At Sponaugle Wellness Institute, we have analyzed over 8,000 brain chemistry patterns, more than any other clinic in America.

We have correlated abnormal brain chemistry patterns with Lyme bio-marker CD 57 levels and the abnormalities seen on the brain scans of our Lyme patients. Our Lyme research has proven that antibiotic-induced changes in brain chemistry cause excessive electrical activity in two specific brain regions as seen below in red. When these diminished seratonin levels brain regions become severely overactive, patients develop depression and a “worry-worry type of anxiety. When Lyme patients develop an overactive deep limbic center, they suffer with depression, moodiness, negativity, irritability, hopelessness, excessive guilt, social anxiety and they become more easily offended. When Lyme patients develop an overactive anterior cingulate, they become more argumentative, more stubborn, hyper focused on the negative, and they develop obsessive compulsive worry.

Antibiotic-Induced Gut Toxicity Suppresses Immune Function

Lyme patients often become more debilitated after months of aggressive antibiotic therapy. Furthermore, prolonged antibiotic therapy suppresses the immune system in Lyme patients. Lyme treatment consisting solely of antibiotic therapy can ultimately destroy the intestinal lining where 70 percent of our immune system is located. Intestinal dysbiosis is the term used to describe an imbalance of intestinal organisms.

Prolonged antibiotic therapy ultimately kills our good intestinal bacteria. Lactobacillus is a healthy intestinal bacterium that produces lactic acid. Lactobacillis thereby ensures that the ph of our intestine remains more acidic disallowing overgrowth of foreign invaders. After prolonged antibiotic therapy, the intestinal ph becomes more alkaline allowing excessive overgrowth of pathogenic yeast and the following toxic bacteria: Klebsiella, Proteus, and Enterobacteriaceae. When Candida mycotoxins and bacterial endotoxins destroy the intestinal lining they also destroy our antibody factory, the Peyer’s patch which is located in our intestinal lining.

Destruction of the intestinal lining also causes severe malnutrition as seen in Teal Green’s amino acid testing. Several of the essential amino acids are utilized to make natural killer cells, thus production of killer lymphocytes suffers from a malnourished state. With enough antibiotic-induced destruction of the intestinal lining, Lyme patients develop severe Leaky Gut Syndrome. Once patients develop significant Leaky Gut Syndrome, their Immune System will waste resources attacking undigested food particles that “leak” across the damaged intestinal lining into the blood stream. Normally, these food particles are too large to cross over from the gut into the bloodstream.

Antibiotic Therapy Causes Increased Lyme Resistance

Using antibiotic therapy before adequate dissolution of Bio-film formation increases antibiotic resistance in Lyme patients. Lyme and other tick borne microorganisms manufacture a polysaccharide matrix called bio-film. Bio-film is a protective shield produced by these microorganisms for protection, to wall themselves off from our antibodies and natural killer cells.Bartonella According to the American Association of Quantum Medicine, the more we use antibiotics to treat bio-film producing microorganisms, the stronger and more resistant the organisms will become. Furthermore, these scientists [microbiologists] suggest that bio-film producing-drug resistant microorganisms can only be conquered by enhancing the natural “kill power” of the immune system. Recent studies from the Center for Bio-film Engineering at Montana State University have proven that antibiotics will not fully penetrate the protective bio-film produced by Lyme and other tick-borne organisms like Bartonella. These studies suggest that giving antibiotic therapy before the four layers of biofilm are adequately penetrated will fail to produce a bactericidal kill, and will ultimately produce more antibiotic resistant pathogens through induction of bacterial mutations, the creation of even more resistant phenotypes. Their chief scientist calls patients victims if their physician uses antibiotics as a first line of treatment.

Antibiotic-Induced Gut Toxicity Causes Increased Brain Toxicity

After Lyme patients develop antibiotic-induced gut toxicity, yeast mycotoxins and bacterial endotoxins migrate from the gut to the brain. These toxins are fatty in structure and deposit in the fattiest organ, our brain which is 60 percent fat. These neurotoxins inflame the brain’s white matter, the insulation on brain neurons called myelin, adding to the cumulative level of neurotoxicity which is ms lyme disease already significant in Lyme patients from brain accumulation of the Lyme toxin. Antibiotic-induced neurotoxicity causes further suppression of the immune system by “shutting down” the electrical current in the brain. This is problematic because the brain’s electrical activity is responsible for stimulating cytokine activity. Cytokines are the chemical messengers that activate our natural killer cells. When neurotoxins inflame the myelin sheath of brain neurons, they change the electromagnetic field surrounding the neuron slowing the speed of the electrical impulse. By this mechanism, neurotoxins essentially suppress the brain’s electrical activity. In a healthy brain, electrical current jumps over the myelin on brain neurons in rapid fashion. However, when the myelin sheath becomes infiltrated with fatty neurotoxins from the gut, in addition to toxins from the Lyme spirochete, it fails to effectively modulate immune function.


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