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Mold Toxicity

Mold Treatment

Sponaugle Wellness Institute is now the top mold toxicity clinic in America accepting mold toxic patients from Europe and North America. We have performed more sophisticated brain research in mold toxic patients than any university medical center in America.Our research in mold toxic patients has correlated their mold toxin levels with toxin-induced changes in their brain chemistry patterns, and the toxin-induced changes on their brain scans. Our research has clearly proven that mold toxicity causes the following psychological and neurological disorders:  Anxiety, Brain Fog, Bipolar symptoms, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Insomnia, Irritability, Memory Loss, Multiple Sclerosis, Neuropathy, OCD, Panic Disorder and Seizure Disorders.

Jason’s Testimonial

In just 10 Detox Drips we took his Trichothecene Level from 149.66 to 1.01
Jesse before lyme treatment

Jason – Before

Jesse after lyme treatment

Jason – After

No Bartonella and no Biofilm after treatment

Jason’s First Test Results

No Bartonella and no Biofilm after treatment

Jason’s Second Test Results

Laurie’s Testimonial

In Just 5 Detox Drips we took her Trichothecene level from 82.63 to 3.12
Jesse before lyme treatment

Laurie – Before

Jesse after lyme treatment

Laurie – After

No Bartonella and no Biofilm after treatment

Laurie’s First Test Results

No Bartonella and no Biofilm after treatment

Laurie’s Second Test Results

Kelly’s Testimonial

Jesse before lyme treatment

Kelly – Before

Jesse after lyme treatment

Kelly – After

Kelly’s Video Testimonial

Scott’s Testimonial

Scott Before Mold Toxicity

Scott – Before

Scott After Mold Toxicity

Scott – After

Scott’s Video Testimonial

Scott came to Sponaugle Wellness Institute after having problems with his pain medications. He was invited to come to visit us because we saw signs of other symptoms he may have such as mold toxicity….


Scott and his family learned about mold and the gases this toxic chemical can release. He came to the seminar twice and then checked his home out for mold toxicity. His results came back and the mold test came back positive in their home. Scott and his family have all come to us with black mold toxicity treatments and now they all feel better and more alive than they before their first visit.


Elizabeth’s Testimonial

Elizabeth Before Mold Treatment

Elizabeth – Before

Elizabeth After Mold Treatment

Elizabeth – After

Elizabeth’s Video Testimonial

My name is Elizabeth, I am 30 years old and was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin. I would like to share my story as to how I ended up at Sponaugle Wellness Institute. I’ll start by saying I believe that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes we never know why, other times we are blessed and are able to connect the pieces….


My family history is full of mental health issues and addiction. Both my mother and father came from very dysfunctional homes. They married at a young age and moved away to escape the life style their parents lived and promised themselves a better life. My uncle, my mother’s brother, was not nearly as determined to create a better life for himself. He moved to Florida as an alcoholic and drank himself to death along with his wife. They both passed away at Helen Ellis Hospital between 2008 and 2010 in Tarpon Springs, Florida. This is where fate came into play and my desperate mother who had been searching for years to help find help me the right help found Dr. Sponaugle’s clinic which at the time was located in Helen Ellis hospital. After a brief tour it was finally clear to my mother that his research and treatment would address not just the outer layer but look at the underlying chemical imbalances of the brain that caused my mental health issues and addictions. She was well aware that all the Psychiatrists, Addictionologists, OBGYNs and treatment centers, ext… were not able to help me.

Through most people’s eyes I look like I have had a happy healthy life. This is the farthest thing from the truth. As a child I can vividly remember waking up every morning full of anxiety and rage. I have specific memories of my mom trying to comfort me as I slowly crawled up the stairs to classrooms having full blown anxiety attacks. I was paralyzed with fear all the time. My life seemed to be a living hell. It still blows my mind that at such a young age I was so sick. As I mentioned I had severe anxiety and depression. I was also always fighting chronic sinus infections and was treated with tons of antibiotics. I would get better for a week or so then be sick again. This is where the vicious cycle of antibiotics would continue. Because of my absolute misery at age seven my mother was desperate for help to figure out why I continued to tell her every day there was something wrong with my body and brain. She found a family Psychiatrist who put me on Prozac. From then on I saw over fifteen different Psychiatrists and multiple specialists who seemed to want to help me. I was put on every psych med there was, some would work for a short period of time others gave me crazy side effects. I was then told “well it didn’t work for you, but let’s try this one and if you take this other one with it; it will help.” This process went on for years. I became more depressed and anxious to the point of not wanting to leave my own house. As you can imagine I was extremely frustrated and lost faith in everyone and everything.

With such frustration and constant pain I began self medicating with anything I could find. I was smoking pot at age thirteen to self medicate my depression and anxiety. At this age my hormones made things harder. A hormone imbalance complicated everything my doctors were already doing. As I grew older drove me to risky behaviors and heavier drug use. Every time I got high I felt great and in the beginning thought it was no big deal because it made everything feel ok. I became I got stuck in a group of “friends” who all had some drug that worked better that the prescriptions my doctors were giving me. Every psychiatrist had their own ideas about me without the proper knowledge they continued to prescribe me everything in the book and label me with a different diagnosis every time. I was hospitalized five or six different times always as dual diagnoses, meaning I was being treated for mental health, as well as addictions. This only made things worse.

It was a long five years of research and a few other cards that fate played in our families life that allowed me to be a grateful patient of Dr. Sponaugle and his team at SponaugleWellness Institute.

Mold Toxins and the Brain

The slide below compares a healthy brain to the mold toxic brain of a female college student. She was misdiagnosed as having Bipolar Disorder after living 6 months in a moldy dormitory. The red and white brain regions seen on her mold toxic brain demonstrate the excessive electrical activity that caused her anxiety disorder and bipolar symptoms. Our testing revealed mold toxin levels 20 fold the FDA critical level. After two weeks of the Sponaugle protocol for mold toxicity, she no longer suffered symptoms of depression, fatigue, anxiety, panic and rage. Mold toxins are the toxic gases produced by indoor molds.electrified brain mold toxicity Mold toxicity occurs when patients accumulate excessive levels of mold toxins in their brain and body. Mold toxicity is an emerging illness and has become much more prevalent since 1970 when we began building more energy efficient air-tight buildings that don’t breathe and hence, disallow dilution of mold toxins with fresh air. Hidden mold is always present in water damaged buildings. The Federal Government recently released a report suggesting that 50 percent of America’s buildings are “sick” buildings. The toxic gases produced by indoor molds often “out gas” from molds that are hidden behind water damaged walls, behind shower tiles and above ceilings where condensation from air conditioning units has occurred.

Why Hasn’t My Doctor Considered Mold Toxicity

The majority of American physicians remain ignorant regarding the serious damage mold toxins can inflict on the human brain and body. American medical training regarding environmental toxicity in general is severely lacking as compared to European medical education. Western European countries removed the lead from their paint in 1930 so small children would not eat contaminated paint chips, in America, we waited until 1972. There is little emphasis placed on Environmental Toxicity in American medical schools and even less on the detrimental effects of Mold Toxicity. European and Japanese research on mold toxicity is at least 15 years ahead of American research. To become a Mold literate doctor, one must spend hundreds of hours on nights and weekends studying mold toxicity research from all over the world. Medical knowledge doubles every year and some of the best medical research is performed outside of the United States. American doctors rarely consider mold toxicity as the potential cause of their patient’s “mystery” illness. Unfortunately only 500 American doctors out of 800,000 recognize the symptoms and test their patients for mold toxicity.

How Could I Have Mold Toxicity When My Spouse Does Not

A sub set of Americans have specific genetics that render them unable to produce antibodies to mold toxins; these patients cannot effectively remove the toxic chemicals produced by indoor molds that are increasingly trapped in air-tight homes and buildings. The highest prevalence of HLA-DRBQ genetics is in fair-skinned people of Northern European descent. However, at Sponaugle Wellness Institute, we have diagnosed this gene in patients of all nationalities. As a general rule, the lighter the skin the more likely you are to have the mold toxic genetics. Those Americans who naturally produce antibodies to the toxic gases produced by indoor molds can live and work in water damaged “sick buildings” without suffering the significant health issues as those with HLA DRBQ genetics. Their antibodies deactivate and remove mold toxins.  However, those patients with HLA DRBQ genetics continuously accumulate these harmful toxins in their brain and body until they ultimately suffer serious mental and physical disorders.

Mold Toxicity Causing Brain Disorders

Dr. Sponaugle has performed unprecedented brain chemistry research in 4,000 mold toxic patients.

This sophisticated research has proven that a mold toxic brain suffers from excessive levels of Glutamate and PEA, two powerful excitatory neurotransmitters. The increased activation of Glutamate and PEA brain receptors causes an electrical surge throughout the brain and peripheral nervous system. Excito-neurotoxicity is the medical term used when the brain accumulation of toxins is so severe that it up-regulates the brain’s electrical current to levels high enough to electrify brain cells. The higher the level of toxin accumulation, the higher the brain’s electrical voltage, and subsequently, the more electrocution of brain neurons!

European neuroscientists have proven excito-neurotoxicity is a primary cause of early onset Alzheimer’s. As the brain gradually accumulates more mold toxins, symptoms begin with insomnia, then progress to insomnia and anxiety. If the patient continues to live or work in a water damaged building, their anxiety disorder will progress to a full blown panic disorder and, ultimately, if the brain toxicity reaches a critical level, the mold toxic patient can develop Bipolar symptoms of rage and paranoia.

The following symptoms are common in patients suffering from excito-neurotoxicity:

Anxiety – Insomnia – Panic Disorder – Bipolar Disorder – Fibromyalgia – Multiple Sclerosis – Depression and Chronic Fatigue – Pituitary Suppression


Unknowing doctors prescribe addicting medications like Xanax and Klonopin for anxiety disorders that are often caused by mold toxicity. Mold toxic patients often use alcohol and sedating drugs like Xanax or OxyContin to calm their anxious brains because their physicians fail to diagnose mold toxicity as the underlying cause of their anxiety disorder.


When discussing the spectrum of anxiety disorders from insomnia to panic disorder, we need to understand that the progression is simply dependent on the level of excessive electricity in the brain. During the initial onset of mold toxicity, patients may only notice insomnia when trying to sleep. As their brain continues to accumulate more mold toxins, the brain’s electrical current continues to rise causing daytime anxiety in addition to night time insomnia.

Panic Disorder

With continued exposure to hidden mold, patients with the mold genetics accumulate more brain toxins over time. They eventually progress from a diagnosis of generalized anxiety disorder to a diagnosis of panic disorder.

Bipolar Disorder

We have successfully treated over 2,000 mold toxic patients who had been previously misdiagnosed with Bipolar disorder. Unfortunately, America’s psychiatrists are quick to throw out an arbitrary name, a diagnosis of Bipolar, without first looking for a medical cause.Mold toxic patients are routinely prescribed anti-psychotic medication by psychiatrists who fail to look for an organic cause of the patient’s bipolar symptoms. Psychiatrists as a whole remain amazingly ignorant regarding neurotoxicity in general, especially mold toxicity. Using our intravenous mold therapy for treatment of mold toxicity, we can normally remove enough mold toxins in three weeks to return the mental function of these “bipolar-ish” patients to normal and get them off all of their bipolar medications.


Our Fibromyalgia research at Sponaugle Wellness Institute has proven that mold toxicity is a primary causation of fibromyalgia in middle-aged women. Many of our fibromyalgia patients are women who were previously misdiagnosed at 10 or more University Medical Centers. Without a proper diagnosis, physicians simply prescribe medications that decrease the excess electrical current, drugs like Lyrica that simply treat the symptoms of fibromyalgia, not the underlying cause of fibromyalgia. Mold toxic patients suffer with “total body pain” because of two primary mechanisms. They suffer from excessive production of the electrifying neurotransmitters, Glutamate and PEA, as was described under excito-neurotoxicity previously and, they suffer from fatty toxin inflammation of the myelin sheath which surrounds every nerve in the body.

Multiple Sclerosis

At Sponaugle Wellness Institute, we diagnose over 20 unsuspecting patients every year with Multiple Sclerosis. Many of these patients are still young, middle-aged females who have the HLA-DRBQ genetics and have been exposed to excessive mold toxins in water damaged buildings. Mold toxins destroy the myelin sheath on brain neurons causing the classic “white spots” seen in Multiple Sclerosis. We use our comprehensive Brain and Body Wellness Program and our Intravenous Mold Toxin Removal Protocol to reverse damage caused by Multiple Sclerosis.

Depression and Chronic Fatigue

Our extensive brain research in thousands of mold toxic patients has proven that as the brain becomes more saturated with mold toxins, the brain’s norepinephrine factory, the A-5 nucleus, becomes “too sick” to manufacture norepinephrine. The A-5 nucleus normally produces 90 percent of our norepinephrine. The primary mechanism by which mold toxicity causes depression and chronic fatigue is the shutdown of the brain’s A – 5 Nucleus. Dopamine runs the brain’s reward and pleasure center, the nucleus accumbens which is located in our midbrain. Dopamine is manufactured in our both our brain and in our adrenal glands. Problematic is that Dopamine naturally converts to norepinephrine through an enzyme called Dopamine hydroxylase. When mold toxins shut down norepinephrine production in the brain’s A-5 nucleus, more dopamine is converted to norepinephrine, it is essentially “stolen” to make more norepinephrine. This leaves patients with a relative dopamine deficiency and subsequently an underactive nucleus accumbens, thus causing depression and brain fog. Norepinephrine naturally converts to epinephrine which is pure adrenaline. When mold toxicity shuts down NE production, there is less norepinephrine to convert to adrenaline, thus patients feel like they have a 20 pound cement block attached to each leg. Norepinephrine and epinephrine deficiencies also cause dizziness upon standing too quickly.

Pituitary Suppression

A mold toxic brain becomes “too sick” to properly stimulate the brain’s primary hormone factory, the pituitary gland. Pituitary insufficiency results in deficiencies of brain hormones and, because the pituitary stimulates downstream hormonal factories – the thyroid gland, adrenal glands and the sex organs, mold toxic patients suffer global hormonal deficiencies. Epinephrine {Adrenaline} Nor-epinephrine {Nor-adrenaline} and Dopamine are in a sense, first cousins – they belong to the adrenaline family called the catecholamines. These excitatory neurotransmitters cannot activate their brain and body receptors when the specific hormones, Cortisol, Thyroid and Testosterone are deficient. Mold toxicity patients suffer double jeopardy, toxin induced deficiencies of neurotransmitters and the hormones that allow them to activate their nerve receptors. This double jeopardy is the primary cause of the severe depression, lethargy and chronic fatigue mold toxicity patients suffer.


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