Douglas from New York | Alzheimer’s Disease

“None of our Doctors in New York or Florida Could Bring Doug Back From His Alzheimer’s World”

Two neurologists, a PET scan and an extensive Neuropsychological examination all diagnosed my husband with moderate Alzheimer’s Disease. Doug had gotten to the point where his cognition and memory were seriously impaired, he was so depressed he wouldn’t get out of bed until noon. He no longer wanted to socialize, he suffered with mini seizures, he was shuffling his feet when he walked and his driving abilities had declined so much that he was no longer safe.

He was sleeping 16-18 hours a day because he was so depressed. For the past several years, all his doctors, doctors in New York and in Florida, had referred to him as having a “flat affect.” One of our eye doctors, Dr. Dupree, mentioned the work that Dr. Sponaugle was doing to correct problems with peoples brains. He said that he had personally seen before and after brain scans of Dr. Sponaugle’s patients and was sure that he could be helpful to us.*

We attended one of the weekly informational meetings and spoke with Dr. Sponaugle afterward. After this meeting, we decided to begin treatment. I was very impressed with Dr. Sponaugle’s knowledge and the amount of diagnostics he performed before beginning treatment and continued during the Alzheimer’s treatment.

Dr. Sponaugle diagnosed my husband with multiple things that harm the brain and cause earlier Alzheimer’s including chronic, but active Lyme disease, mold toxicity and Benzene toxicity. As it turns out my husband has special genetics that prevent him from fighting these things like other people, Dr. Sponaugle suspected these things and numerous other problems when he first met Doug, none of our other doctors had ever considered or discovered these problems.

After Dr. Sponaugle’s first IV treatment*, my husband felt that he could focus better. After the second treatment*, he was no longer shuffling his feet, that was amazing, we were just getting started with Dr. Sponaugle’s treatment. His driving skills improved immediately and within three weeks*, our boat left the driveway and was put in the water for the first time in three years. My husband no longer wants to spend his days sleeping; hes too busy socializing. He now thinks nothing of driving three or four hours to visit one of our children; now they can’t even keep up with him.*

My husband’s other doctors are amazed at his progress. He no longer has a flat effect. His eyes are bright, and he’s eager to learn or relearn things that he’s been unable to understand for years. This week, we bought him an IPAD so he can learn email, facebook and how to navigate the internet.*

Dr. Sponaugle’s staff is very friendly and caring. Additionally, we’ve met many wonderful people fellow patients and their families from all over the country. While we’re all together in the IV treatment room, we get talking and sharing our stories. These people are as grateful as we are for the wonderful work being done there. While we sometimes have to wait to see Dr. Sponaugle, we understand that he is spending time with other patients like he does with us. When we do get to see him, we never feel shortchanged. He gives us all the time we need.

Without the care my husband has received from Dr. Sponaugle, we would still be living life in the difficult Alzheimer’s world*. Instead, we have a wonderful, active life and a bright future. Thank you, Dr. Sponaugle, for your caring and the miracles you are performing in people's lives.

Dottie says, ”Our children have trouble keeping up with Doug since Dr. Sponaugle treated him for Alzheimer’s, it’s hard to believe he could barely get out of bed just a few months ago!”

Learn more about Dr. Sponaugle’s Alzheimer’s Treatment after watching the three video testimonies given by Dottie and Doug*

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