On-site Condo Accomodations

At Sponaugle Wellness Institute we go out of our way to ensure world-class treatment. As such, we have a limited number of two-bedroom condo rentals available on-site. We are one of the only medical centers in the country that provides patients the opportunity to live where they are being treated. Our condos are attached to our facility. No driving necessary! You’ll literally be steps away from your daily treatment.

To ensure the safest living environment possible, all of our condos are routinely treated for mold with a patented, all-natural citrus product that kills mold and dissolves mold toxins and other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs like Benzene and Toluene that naturally out-gas from new carpet and furniture). The majority of our patients have mold-toxin genetics, and they have extreme sensitivity to chemical products. In an effort to keep our patients in the safest environment, we use all-natural organic cleaning products.

With premium amenities, our condos are available for rent on a weekly basis. No long-term contract is necessary. Each condo is fully furnished with a queen-sized bed in the master bedroom and includes an en-suite master bathroom and a fully furnished guest bedroom.

The beautiful, modern condos rent quickly! Once your treatment-start date is confirmed, you can contact the property management team, Healthier Stay, at 1-888-503-5592, and they will assist you with your needs.

Condo Floor Plans

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Condo Floor Plan A | Dr. Sponaugle | Sponaugle Wellness Institute | Oldsmar, FL | Resources
Condo Floor Plan B | Dr. Sponaugle | Sponaugle Wellness Institute | Oldsmar, FL | Resources
Condo Floor Plan C | Dr. Sponaugle | Sponaugle Wellness Institute | Oldsmar, FL | Resources


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