Mold Toxicity, also known as Mold Sickness or Mold Poisoning, is an emerging illness that has become much more prevalent in the last 50 years. It wasn’t until the 1970s that we began producing more air-tight, energy-efficient homes and office buildings. The advent of drywall and the production of energy-efficient homes has caused a rapid rise in the number of Americans suffering from black mold symptoms and black mold health effects.

The Federal Government recently released a report suggesting that 50 percent of America’s buildings are “sick” buildings. The toxic gases produced by indoor mold spores often “out gas” from molds that are hidden behind water damaged walls, behind shower tiles and above ceilings where condensation from air conditioning units has occurred. This is driving an increase in mold symptoms like never before.

black mold and mold exposure growthGod gave us log and stone; mold grows slowly on wood and stone, but it flourishes on wet drywall, which is essentially pressed paper. Prior to 1970, the majority of our walls were made from plaster and plywood.

When buildings suffer water damage, molds grow quickly on cellulose material like drywall. Billions of toxin-producing mold colonies can become trillions of colonies in just days. Two phenomena, the advent of drywall and the production of energy-efficient homes, have caused a rapid rise in the number of Americans suffering from mold toxicity.

Mold Gases and Black Mold Health Risks

There are estimated to be over 50,000 different species of mold, but only about 200 species may present serious health risks to human beings and animals. These harmful species of mold are referred to as toxic-producing molds and are potentially poisonous, because they produce mycotoxins that are harmful to the body. These toxic-producing molds produce toxic gases in the indoor air we breathe. Mold Toxicity occurs when patients accumulate excessive levels of mold toxins in their brain and body.

Why Hasn’t My Doctor Considered Mold Toxicity?

The majority of American physicians remain ignorant regarding the serious damage mold toxins can inflict on the human brain and body.

American medical training regarding Environmental Toxicity in general is severely lacking when compared to European medical education. Western European countries removed the lead from their paint in 1930, so small children would not eat contaminated paint chips. In America, we waited until 1972.

Also, little emphasis is placed on Environmental Toxicity in American medical schools, and even less on the detrimental effects of Mold Toxicity.

European and Japanese research on Mold Poisoning Symptoms, Black Mold Poisoning and Mold Toxicity is at least 15 years ahead of American research. To become a mold-literate doctor, one must spend hundreds of hours studying mold toxicity research from all over the world.

Medical knowledge doubles every year and some of the best medical research is performed outside of the United States. American doctors rarely consider Mold Toxicity as the potential cause of their patient’s “mystery” illness. Unfortunately, only 500 American doctors out of 800,000 recognize mold sickness symptoms and test their patients for Mold Toxicity.

Mold Toxin Genetics

A subset of Americans have specific genetics that render them unable to produce antibodies for mold toxins. These patients cannot effectively remove the toxic chemicals produced by indoor molds that are increasingly trapped in air-tight homes and buildings.

The highest prevalence of HLA-DRBQ genetics is in fair-skinned people of Northern European descent. However, at Sponaugle Wellness Institute, we have diagnosed this gene in patients of all nationalities.

As a general rule, the lighter the skin the more likely you are to have the mold toxic genetics. Those Americans who naturally produce antibodies to the toxic gases produced by indoor molds can live and work in water damaged, sick buildings without suffering the significant health issues those with HLA-DRBQ genetics will suffer. Their antibodies deactivate and remove mold toxins.

However, those patients with HLA-DRBQ genetics continuously accumulate these harmful toxins in their brain and body until they ultimately suffer serious mental and physical disorders.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]