Carol’s story is a good case study for the concept that antibiotics are ineffective, if not worthless, in Lyme patients who have developed significant biofilm. Carol and her husband are one of the nicest couples I have met through 30 years of practicing medicine.

Prior to finding Sponaugle Wellness Institute, Carol was treated for six years by the best and brightest LLMDs in New Jersey and New York. Over that six year period, she was prescribed multiple antibiotics. Most significant is the fact that she was prescribed four grams a day of IV Rocephin for a total of three years. Unfortunately, the Rocephin was ineffective in killing the massive Bartonella infection seen within biofilm formation* on her blood smear.

Carol-New-Jersey-both-with-biofilm 2The last three years of excessive antibiotic treatment rendered Carol essentially bedridden.

“Much like my daughter Alexa, her Lyme treatment made her worse than the Lyme infection itself,” Dr. Sponaugle said.

“Our Lyme treatment in 2012 was not nearly as advanced as it is in 2015. I  credit her amazing transformation in just three months* to the fact that she was truly a Christian woman who sincerely prayed for and believed for her recovery,” he said.

Carol Biofilm
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