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May 20th Upcoming Event: Real Health Symposium Oldsmar, Florida

Introducing Co-Speaker Katina Makris Conference Florida, Real Health Symposium Katina Makris, CCH, CIH Katina Makris is a dynamic educator and healer.  Her voice has [...]

How To Explain The Difference Between Tiredness And Chronic Fatigue To Your Family

It can be incredibly challenging for Lymies to verbalize the intensity of the chronic fatigue they live with each day to their loved ones. The [...]

Therese – Toronto

Therese from Toronto*, a 65-year-old university professor, was disabled for 11 years prior to finding Dr. Sponaugle. Profound fatigue and lethargy resulted in a diagnosis of [...]

MOLD Toxicity CAUSING Depression Anxiety Insomnia ADDICTION

At Sponaugle Wellness, Dr Rick Sponaugle is proving that many patients develop alcoholism, OxyContin addiction or Xanax addiction while attempting to self-medicate the following disorders [...]