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Carol – Florida

 Carol – Florida* *Sponaugle Wellness Institute cannot guarantee individual patient outcomes. Treatment results will vary from patient to patient.


Kelly – Canada

Kelly, from Alberta, Canada, developed Lyme-induced brain fog, memory loss and other Neuro-Lyme symptoms six years before coming to Sponaugle... View Article


Emilyanne – Texas

  Emilyanne – Texas* At 12 years old, Emilyanne began to experience neurological symptoms and profound joint pain. Texas residents,... View Article


Ella – Oregon

  Ella – Oregon* Ella and her brother, Hayden, left the clinic after treatment over a month ago. When they... View Article


Hayden- Oregon

  Hayden- Oregon* Ella and her brother, Hayden left the clinic after treatment over a month ago. When they began... View Article


Jennifer – California

  Jennifer – California* Jennifer was a successful runway model in California until age 23 when she suddenly became “very... View Article


Sammy – Arkansas

  Dr. Rick Sponaugle Uses His Brain Expertise to Heal 12-year-old Sammy of His Lyme-Induced ADHD. Sammy – Arkansas* Sammy... View Article