CIRS Symptoms

Symptoms of Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS)

What Are The Symptoms of CIRS?

Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome is a multisystem, multi-symptom inflammatory illness. The symptoms of CIRS are systematically separated into 13 unique clusters.

Since there are some symptoms of chronic mold exposure, such as weight gain, that does not apply specifically to CIRS, in this article, I will only discuss the symptoms specific to CIRS.

Typically, if you exhibit eight of these symptoms (six if we’re talking about a child), you should get tested for CIRS.

1. Abdominal Pain, Diarrhea, Numbness

A common inflammatory symptom of CIRS is abdominal pain. Though this is a symptom of many conditions, if it is coupled with other signs of CIRS, you may want to be tested for CIRS.

Abdominal pain can also include diarrhea, leaky gut, or numbness.

2. Disorientation, Tearing of the eyes, Metallic Taste

The symptom of disorientation can be grouped with a metallic taste in your mouth and constant watery eyes.

3. Congested Sinuses, Shortness of Breath

CIRS has to do with breathing in mold. So it stands to reason that your nasal area would be affected. In fact, the research confirms this — the nose and sinuses are the primary suspects for the production of mycotoxins.

Congested sinuses and shortness of breath are common symptoms of CIRS.

4. Impaired Memory, Decreased Word Finding

CIRS and other mold exposures can impair your memory and make it difficult for you to find the right word in a normal conversation.

In a 2014 study, researchers used a software program called NeuroQuant, to link mold illness from water-damaged buildings with brain abnormalities, such as difficulty with recent memory.

5. Body Aches, Weakness, Headache, Light Sensitivity, Decreased Assimilation of New Knowledge

If your body aches all the time, it can be a sign you may have Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome.

Weakness, headaches, and light sensitivity — all these are closely related symptoms of CIRS.

6. Skin Sensitivity, Tingling

Another of the more common symptoms, skin sensitivity can indicate Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome. This includes rash and pins and needles tingling.

Skin sensitivity was the method by which researchers found that people who are present during hurricanes are more susceptible to mold allergies.

7. “Ice-Pick Pain,” Red Eyes, Blurred Vision, Sweats, Mood Swings

One of the more wide-ranging clusters of symptoms.

8. Joint Pain, Morning Stiffness, Cramps

If you are experiencing joint pain, it may be a symptom of CIRS — joint pain relief may be around the corner.

Morning stiffness is also problematic for those living with CIRS, clustered with muscle cramps.

9. Fatigue

CIRS can bring about fatigue that is deep and persistent. Fatigue is reported as a leading cause of low quality of life.

If you suffer from chronic fatigue coupled with several other symptoms on this list, ask your doctor if you might have CIRS.

10. Vertigo, Static Shocks

Vertigo and static shocks are clustered together as related effects of the havoc mold illness can wreak on your immune system. Both are symptoms of CIRS.

11. Difficulty Concentrating

Inhaling mold neurotoxins cause your immune system to overwork itself and contributes to inflammation all throughout your body, including your brain. This leads to CIRS patients having difficulty concentrating.

Difficulty concentrating is one symptom that leads to a misdiagnosis like ADD or ADHD.

12. Excessive Thirst, Cough, Confusion

Mold exposure can cause extreme thirst. Another symptom related to, but not dependent on, thirst is a recurring cough and confusion.

13. Difficulty Regulating Body Temperature, Increased Urinary Frequency, Appetite Swings

If you have trouble regulating body temperature, you may be dealing with CIRS.

The other symptom in this cluster is frequent urination, one of the symptoms shared between CIRS and fibromyalgia.

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