Kamea: Lyme Disease Patients Recovery Story

Kamea: lyme disease patients recovery story.

We had previously shared with you about Kamea, Sponaugle Wellness Institute’s Lyme disease Canadian patient and her inspiring recovery story back in June 2013. We are so happy to be able to share how Kamea is doing today (2014).*

Kamea’s Story

Kamea, our former teenager lyme disease patient, contracted Lyme disease at age ten after which she quickly developed MS Symptoms. Prior to contracting Lyme disease, Kamea spent four hours a day performing gymnastics training, she was also an avid runner.

Natural Lyme Treatment at Sponaugle Wellness

When Kamea arrived at Sponaugle Wellness Institute in April of 2013, she couldn’t walk more than a few yards, as seen in her Sponaugle Wellness Testimonial video.

Sponaugle Wellness Institute cannot guarantee individual patient
outcomes. Treatment results will vary from patient to patient.

Sometimes her mother or nurses at Sponaugle Wellness would carry her, most of the time she used her wheelchair to move throughout the wellness center. Canadian doctors initially suggested that Kamea’s MS symptoms were caused by stress. Her mother knew better, however after multiple requests, doctors refused to test Kamea for Lyme Disease.

Kamea was eventually diagnosed with Lyme disease by a bright naturopathic doctor, not uncommon. Ultimately, Kamea suffered through three years of failed Lyme treatment from several American LLMDs, all the while her MS symptoms worsened with each year of LLMD Lyme treatment*. As seen in her gut wrenching home video, Kamea struggled to walk from her bedroom to her kitchen. Kamea responded well to the brain focused Lyme treatment at Sponaugle Wellness Institute*.

Kamea - lyme disease treatment update 3

After just 8 weeks* of the intensive Sponaugle protocol for Lyme treatment, Kamea was walking effortlessly down the hallways of Sponaugle Wellness, Kamea no longer needed her wheelchair.*  Upon completing 10 weeks of our mostly natural Lyme treatment, Kamea was running for the first time in 4 years, she raced patient coordinator, Pastor Philip, in the parking lot before returning home to Toronto.*

Kamea’s Inspiring Recovery Update

Kamea completed Lyme treatment at Sponaugle Wellness Institute on June 20th, 2013. Kamea’s shared an updated photo, taken on November 9th, 2014.

Here are Kamea’s words about her experience with Lyme disease, the treatment and Sponaugle Wellness:

“My journey with this illness has pushed me every which way. My muscles were getting so weak where I had to stop gymnastics because I thought I was going to harm myself. That led to a wheelchair from pain and extreme weakness, and now after discovering Doctor Sponaugle’s clinic, I’ve had nothing but energy and strength. Today I am happy to say that I am now working out again, and training at Niagara Cheerleading, I cannot believe the amount of change I’ve had in these past years, but I am also happy for it”.

Kamea C.

We want to thank Kamea for allowing us to share her updated image with you. We hope this post inspires you to seek help for you or for a loved one that may be suffering with Lyme disease. To inquire about Lyme Treatment at Sponaugle Wellness Institute, please contact us to speak with one of our Patient Coordinators.

*Sponaugle Wellness Institute cannot guarantee individual patient
outcomes. Treatment results will vary from patient to patient.

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