What Are The Best Mosquito Repellents?

Highly recommended mosquito repellents

We all attempt to avoid exposure to the onslaught of insects, particularly mosquitoes and ticks, and the infectious diseases they carry. Dr. Sponaugle has espoused for years that Lyme Disease is surely transmitted by mosquitoes in addition to ticks. This was recently proven in a 2015 study conducted by the University of Frankfurt in Germany. With the knowledge that mosquitoes are carriers of Lyme spirochetes, in addition to the newly discovered Zika virus, it is more important than ever to minimize your exposure to mosquitoes.

In an effort to better equip our patients for the prevention of mosquito-borne infections, we’re letting them know about a University of Florida study which compares the efficacy of DEET, a toxic petroleum-based repellent, with the utility of non-toxic essential oils. Not only did the combination of essential oils provide effective coverage three times longer than DEET-based products, but they also did so without exposing the patients to harmful petroleum toxins.

You can learn how to formulate these natural recipes by accessing the photo to the right. Armed with these preventative options, you can experience the outdoors as God intended – full of adventure and possibilities, rather than fear.


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  1. Avatar for Sherry Barrett
    Sherry Barrett

    I contracted Zika, while in Mexico, this past Feb. I am now growing a cyst on the tendon, on the sole of my foot, and two, on the palm of my hand, all on the left side of my body. I have never had a cyst in my life. Could these be related to Zika? I was very ill. In fact, I had to call 911, at the height of a blizzard in March. I couldn’t breath. I thought I was going to die. I forgot to mention, right after returning home, when my symptoms started, a bump came up, on the left side of my head, at my hairline.

    1. Avatar for CCMktg

      Hello Sherry, Please contact our patient coordinator if you have not already spoken to Deborah. She can answer all your questions! (888) 775-2770 Thank you!

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