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Link Between Mold Toxicity & Brain Cancer

Mold mycotoxins can cause two types of Brain Cancer: Astrocytoma and Glioblastoma. Mycotoxins also cause severe destruction of Brain tissue. Some of the mechanisms of mycotoxin-induced neurological damage can be found further down this page.

When Mold Toxic patients begin experiencing neurological symptoms, they should immediately undergo quality treatment for mold exposure. It is important to prevent the progression of neurodegenerative diseases like Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s.

Removing mold mycotoxins from the bloodstream is not sufficient treatment: It is imperative to mobilize mold mycotoxins from the Brain to the bloodstream, where they can be effectively removed.

Through the years, Dr. Sponaugle has worked diligently to design and continuously advance intravenous neurological protocols to assist in healing mycotoxin-induced Brain damage and reverse mycotoxin-induced down-regulation of Brain activity.


A Grade 4 Astrocytoma is classified as a Glioblastoma, the deadliest of brain tumors. Often patients die within six months to one year of receiving a diagnosis of Glioblastoma. The Trichothecene Mold Mycotoxin causes intranuclear mutations at the 18 S Ribosome site.
Using the Sponaugle Intravenous Phospholipid Neurological Protocols to provide effective intercellular, and mitochondrial, detoxification of the Trichothecene Toxin, we have previously prevented the continuous mutations and the subsequent development of more Glioblastomas.

Brain Cancer Case Study: Sheridan from Australia

Dr. Spoanugle diagnosed a Glioblastoma via PET Scan in a 26-year-old female from Sydney, Australia in 2014. Sheridan is still alive today, eight years later, when most patients die within a year of diagnosis.
Sheridan was coming out of her wheelchair after having been wheelchair-bound for 8 years, from age 18 to 26. Despite our success at treating her Neurological Lyme, Dr. Sponaugle kept feeling the need to obtain PET Brain Imaging.
Sheridan’s mother said she didn’t want to pay for a PET Scan of her daughter's Brain because we were already getting Sheridan out of her wheelchair.
I couldn’t disagree with Sheridan’s mother based on logical thinking, but yet, I felt a spiritual tugging on my heart, not my brain, that we needed to obtain a PET Scan of Sheridan’s brain.
I finally gave in to the spiritual need for a scan. I told Sheridan’s mother, I wanted to pay for her PET Scan. Then, I got the most dreaded phone call from Dr. Tom Fabian, my favorite Neuro Radiologist.
Dr. Fabian had me pull Sheridan’s PET Scan up on my computer screen, after which he guided me to the small round area of increased glucose metabolism right in the middle of a much larger area of severe hypo metabolism caused by a combination of Lyme infection and Trichothecene.
Tom was 90 percent certain that the brain tumor was a Glioblastoma. My heart sank. We were just starting to celebrate Sheridan’s coming out of her wheelchair after 8 years of confinement.
How was I supposed to tell Sheridan and her mother we think she has a deadly brain tumor that would most likely lead to her death within a year?or two.
I arranged a very private meeting with Sheridan and her mother in my office. As I walked into the room, they were both smiling at me. “Well Doc, what did you find?”
I must admit, I could not bring myself to tell the truth. I kept thinking, “what if Dr Fabian is wrong, I dare not scare this young girl who has suffered enough having been confined to a wheelchair for 8 years.”
I said, “Well, Dr Fabian thinks you have a small brain tumor in your right cerebellum.” When they asked if we knew what kind, I lied, I said, “We really aren’t certain. The most important thing we must do at this point is get you back to your neurologist of 8 years at the University of Sydney. He can evaluate this more thoroughly with his team of Radiologists and Neurosurgeons.”
A few days later I received a call from Sheridan’s Neurologist who told me they removed her Glioblastoma. He then asked, “How did you get Sheridan out of her wheelchair, we have been trying to do so for 8 years?”
I could only think of Sheridan’s fear and simply stated, “that would be a 10 hour dissertation, let’s converse at another time as I need to call Sheridan and her mother.”
Sheridan had become confined to a wheelchair shortly after returning from her high school senior trip, a camping trip deep into the Outback where she was bitten by a tick.
Sheridan’s PET Scan revealed a severe Lyme infection in her right and left cerebellum. Her brain scan also revealed a pattern of homogenous hypo metabolism in both her right and left cerebellum, a pattern we had previously correlated with severe Trichothecene Toxicity.
A mold inspection performed in her home back in Australia revealed the most dangerous level of Stachybotrus Black Mold I have personally seen in thousands of mold inspection reports.
Before I ordered the PET Scan, we had spent 9 weeks performing detoxification of Sheridan’s Trichothecene while we were simultaneously killing the Lyme infection in her brain.
For this reason, Sheridan did not continue developing new Glioblastomas after resectioning the Cerebellar Glioblastoma.
 Why? Because we had effectively removed the Trichothecene Mycotoxin, a Neurotoxin, and a Carcinogen from her brain!
Sheridan is still alive today. It has been over 8 years since we first treated Sheridan and, in the process, diagnosed her Cerebellar Glioblastoma.
Perhaps, Sheridan has the world record for years living after the diagnosis of a Glioblastoma. I have researched the medical literature and have not found another.
If the Trichothecene is not effectively detoxified from the brain, the Trichothecene-induced RNA Mutations will generally continue to cause ongoing mutations and subsequent development of more deadly Glioblastomas.
This pattern of continuous development of new Glioblastomas after previous tumor resection is what Benjamen is currently experiencing.
It is imperative that he come to Sponaugle Wellness  ASAP to receive the Sponaugle Intravenous Neurological Phospholipid Protocols that will remove Trichothecene from his brain.
We cannot guarantee that Benjamen will not develop another Glioblastoma, for we do not know if intra-nuclear RNA mutations caused by his Trichothecene poisoning are on going, hence causing the formation of more Glioblastomas.
Furthermore, the brilliant Allan McDonald, a pathologist at Cornell University, recently found Lyme Spirochetes in the Glioblastomas of multiple cadavers.
The combination of a localized Lyme infection in a specific brain region and severe Trichothecene poisoning, ie, a saturation of the brain with the Truchothecene Mycotoxin obviously places patients in a precarious, high risk for the development of a Glioblastoma.
We truly have the best protocols and the most success at killing Neurological Lyme, and we truly have the best Brain Detoxification Protocols in America if not the world.

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