Canadian Mother Holds Record For Mold Toxicity

Mold treatment canadian patient

“It all started with what seemed like a flu virus last November 2016, only it didn’t go away. In fact, Lindsay got worse really quickly. Dizziness, fainting, numbness in her limbs, extreme anxiety, nausea, and fatigue so badly she could barely get out of bed. Muscle and joint stiffness, depression, and extreme neck pain, accompanied by many other symptoms. She had been off work since January and had seen 6 different specialists, had every test in the book, and no one was able to tell us what was wrong,” wrote Lindsay’s Mother, Liz.

“I was diagnosed with Vertigo, and given medication, but that didn’t help. Then diagnosed for Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, and put on more medication. Every doctor just kept saying it’s in your head, reduce the stress in your life, speak to a psychologist, but I received no answer for what was actually happening to me. Every week there would be something new; hands tingling, I could barely walk, my teeth began breaking, I developed TMJ, I had white spots appearing in my vision, and my vision was not only blurry, but I would lose sight for half-an-hour periods at a time, etc.”, said Lindsay.

“Lindsay was starting to feel like she would never know what was wrong with her, and that made life even harder. Whatever it was, it had stolen her life! Yet through it all, she managed to put on a happy face for her sons, Zac & Jackson, to try and keep their world safe and happy. Most days she could not leave the house and some days lost function in her legs. Then, we decided to send some blood work to a special clinic in the US to test for Lyme Disease… we were stunned when it came back positive! But, at least we had an answer and could make a plan for treatment”, wrote Liz.

Watch Lindsay’s recent interview with a Canadian news station about her struggle with Lyme and Mold Toxicity and her treatment at Sponaugle Wellness Institute that saved her life.

Lindsay begins her treatment at Sponaugle Wellness Institute on June 19th. Dr. Sponaugle found that Lindsay was not only infected with Lyme Disease but also infected by both Babesia and Bartonella. This is not uncommon as most ticks infect you with more than one bacteria. The bacteria caused a biofilm to form on cells under which they hide, which makes tests appear negative, and treatment more difficult.

“Lindsay began treatment to dissolve the biofilm and expose the bugs. When the Lyme, Babesia, and Bartonella enter the bloodstream, they can make your symptoms worse than they ever have been! However, the good news is that they can also be targeted by your immune system (which we have been strengthening since the beginning). Lyme weakens your immune system, so this is a huge part of our holistic treatment here. It is a real balancing act not to release more bacteria into the bloodstream than your body can handle, so we go day by day,” said Liz.

In addition to Lindsay testing positive for Lyme Disease, Babesia, and Bartonella; perhaps, most shockingly of all, Lindsay was also diagnosed by Dr. Sponaugle with SEVERE Mold Toxicity. The government’s toxic level for Trichothecene is between 0.5 – 1.2. Lindsay’s Trichothecene level was 902 times the government toxic level, results showed her levels at an astonishing 451! Dr. Sponaugle has never seen another patient with a Trichothecene level that high.

Verrucarin A belongs in the class of Trichothecene, a group of sesquiterpene toxins produced by several fungi. These numbers can be demonstrated on Lindsay’s Mycotoxin test shown here, where you can see her results at 451, and next to it, the government’s toxic range showing between 0.5 – 1.2.

Lindsay worked on a cruise ship for 7 years and Dr. Sponaugle has no doubt in his mind that the ship is what caused her to have the highest Trichothecene level he’s ever seen.

Lindsay completed her treatment at Sponaugle Wellness Institute in November 2017 and is back in Ontario with her family. She has decided to share her journey with a news station, which can be viewed here: http://www.chch.com/lyme-disease-season/

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6 thoughts on “Canadian Mother Holds Record For Mold Toxicity”

  1. Avatar for Mary Borden

    It is frightening what we do not know about black mold illness! Thank God for Dr. Sponaugle Wellness Institute! Where we would be without Dr. Sponaugle and all his staff?! I thank God every day for the lives that his Institute is saving as it is truly a blessing! My grandson, Avery Steen, will hopefully be one of those patients in the very near future!

  2. Avatar for April

    My daughter has been sick for about a year and a half. I’ve taken her to Dr after Dr and all I hear is everything looks good. I know that everything is NOT good because my daughter can’t even get out of bed most days to go to school!! I was recently told about Black Mold and my baby has every symptom and now everyone else in my house is also having symptoms. I was told by a Dr at Lebonhuer there is no test that will tell you if u have been exposed to mold. I need help ASAP please!!!

  3. Avatar for jane rubinov

    Ask for a TGF Beta 1 blood test or a C4A blood test. You will be able to see your blood levels of mold and be treated appropriately. Good luck.

  4. Avatar for Sara Ernst

    This is REAL; do not be in denial. My husband was terribly sick from mold for years. First & most important
    thing to do is get out of the environment that is mold toxic. LEAVE; SELL YOUR HOUSE & MOVE!!
    Check out clinics such as Sponaugle Wellness in Florida immediately, to get help & treatment.
    Get your daughter back again! She is worth it!!!!!!!

  5. Avatar for Naomi Waggoner

    I have been living with mold infections since 2014. I’ve researched wherever, and whenever I can. Currently trying to study microbiology to learn all I can in spite of a mental “fog” and physical handicaps. I live on Social Security and SSI, so I cannot afford treatment from anywhere that doesn’t accept my insurance. I’ve been treated by orthopedic specialist, infectious disease specialist, gastroenterologist, general practice MD, ear, nose, & throat specialist, pulmonologist, and cardiologist for over three years and none of them have much knowledge for treatment. I have MAC and Scedosporium a. in my lungs, that traveled to my knee when I had knee replacement surgery. Treated to no avail for 16 months with Clarithromycin, Ethambutol, and Rifampin, which kept me very ill and in bed most of the time. Then, began treatment with 600 Mg Voriconazole for 14 months. Also take garlic pills (3 grams) daily. Still have many disabling symptoms. Still don’t know if it is going to kill me or not. Would like to have my life back. Also, told by local labs that they do not have the means to test for scedosporium a., so results show as “negative” to molds and fungi. Finally convinced my surgeon to send specimens to LabCorp, who found it in my lungs, but he continues to not specify for what to test for, so results show as “negative.” Very frustrating; especially since my mental functions are so displaced!

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