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Dr. Sponaugle is passionate and active about tasking himself with speaking to the public in intimate and large engagements. He is regularly asked to attend and speak at university and medical association events. He participates on and contributes to multiple medical advisory boards. He welcomes anyone to attend his upcoming speaking engagements.

Previous Speaking Events

  • The White House, Washington, D.C.

  • International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS) in Philadelphia, PA

  • Integrative Medicine For Mental Health (IMMH) in Los Angeles, CA

  • The Summit on Neurodegenerative Disorders In San Diego

  • Great Plains Laboratory Master Practitioner Workshop in Kansas City, MO

  • Real Health Symposium in Toronto, Canada

  • Great Plains Laboratory University Practitioner Workshop in West Palm Beach, FL

Previous Speaking Videos

Dr. Sponaugle speaks at the integrative medicine for mental health (immh) conference
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IMMH 2017 Los Angeles, CA – Rick Sponaugle, MD.

Pet brain imaging in lyme disease and mold toxic patients: correlation of neurological symptoms with specific brain regions | dr rick sponaugle, md | sponaugle wellness institute | lyme disease treatment | mold toxicity treatment | ilads philadelphia 2016: lyme disease: an evolving paradigm for chronic illness
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ILADS 2016 Philadelphia, PA – Rick Sponaugle, MD

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