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Dr. Sponaugle’s Speaking Engagement Calendar

Dr. Sponaugle is passionate and active about tasking himself with speaking to the public in intimate and large engagements. He is regularly asked to attend and speak at university and medical association events. He participates on and contributes to multiple medical advisory boards.   He welcomes anyone to attend his upcoming speaking engagements.

Coming Up:

  • November 11 & 12: Great Plains Laboratory | West Palm Beach, FL

Recent Engagements:


November 11 & 12, 2017: Great Plains Laboratory | West Palm Beach, FL

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great-plains-laboratory-speaking-engagement-rick-sponaugle-west palm beach, fl_Sponaugle Wellness Institute

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November 11: Organic Acids Testing

Learn how to use this comprehensive metabolic test in your practice to help your patients with a variety of chronic health conditions. Find out how the OAT helps you discover underlying causes of many symptoms and hear what kinds of treatments have been effective. Qualified attendees at the Organic Acids Testing Workshop receive a FREE Organic Acids Test, worth $299!

November 12: Environmental Toxin Testing Workshop

Dr. Sponaugle has been invited to speak on November 12th in place of William Shaw, PhD.  He will present the science behind “The Hidden Threat of Mycotoxins”.

This workshop will focus on the epidemic of environmental toxin exposure, from the many chemicals we encounter every day to mycotoxins released from mold. You will learn about many common environmental pollutants from the 172 chemicals tested by our GPL-TOX Profile. You will find out how these chemicals can affect our health and what steps can be taken to help detoxify the body. You will also learn about the seven types of mold mycotoxins tested for in our new GPL-MycoTOX Profile and about the chronic health conditions mycotoxin exposure can cause. We will review how to use these tests in your practice to create the most effective treatments possible for your patients.



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