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Published by Monday, October 26th, 2015

F.D.A. Strengthens Warnings on Lariam an Anti-Malaria Drug

The Food and Drug Administration announced on Monday that a commonly used anti-malaria drug must carry the so-called black box warning on its label because of the danger that the drug could cause serious neurological and psychiatric side effects, some of which can become permanent.

The drug, mefloquine hydrochloride – better known by its brand name, Lariam – has long been known to cause side effects that include ringing in the ears, depression and hallucinations. The announcement on Monday clarified that some of the symptoms, like dizziness and loss of balance, could become permanent. And some of the psychiatric symptoms, the agency said, could persist for months or even years after a patient ceases taking the drug.

July 29, 2013

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F.D.A. Strengthens Warnings on Lariam, an Anti-Malaria Drug

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