Industrial Toxins

Our Research Has Proven Biofilm Contains Lipophilic Mold & Industrial Toxins

New Toxic Man Made Chemicals Are Being Created Quicker Than Human Genetics Can Evolve to Adapt

American industry has manufactured over 84,000 toxic chemicals since 1930, none of these toxic chemicals was God’s idea, and they are killing us. It’s always better to be upstream versus downstream. For example, Arsenic levels in the Mississippi River are 25 parts per billion near Minneapolis.

Still, after absorbing pesticide runoff for hundreds of miles of watershed, Arsenic levels peak at 155 parts per billion as the Mississippi River enters New Orleans, the number one murder capital in America.

Most of these Industrial toxins are carcinogens, neurotoxins, and immunosuppressants in nature.


Industrial Toxicity Causing Neurotoxicity

Most of these toxins are lipophilic, fatty in molecular structure, and fat-soluble. The cell membrane of every cell in our body consists of a lipophilic structure. Therefore, these lipophilic toxins can travel uninhibited throughout the body. These fatty toxins move throughout our bloodstream until they accumulate in our fattiest tissue, our neurological system, thus the term Neurotoxicity.

Our fattiest organ is our Brain which consists of 60 percent fatty content. The fattiest tissue in our body, the myelin sheath on Brain neurons and peripheral nerves, consists of 80 percent fatty content, 25 percent of which is cholesterol, another reason cholesterol levels below 180 are detrimental to our Brain and peripheral nervous system!

Neurotoxicity in my patients is always derived from multiple lipophilic toxins*; Industrial Toxins, Mold Toxins, Lyme Toxins, Bartonella Toxins, Protomyxzoa Toxins, and Biotoxins from multiple other Brain infections.

When these lipophilic toxins saturate the myelin sheath, they displace healthy fatty acids like DHA and EPA from fatty acid chains causing fatty acid oxidation and inflammation of the myelin sheath. This disrupts the electromagnetic field surrounding the neuron, which causes a subsequent reduction in the electrical signal.

The most sensitive organ to this toxin-induced reduction of electrical activity is our Brain. I have worked diligently to advance neurological protocols that reverse this toxin-induced shutdown of Brain function.

Multiple sclerosis - myelin- mold toxicity - sponaugle wellness institute
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