Genetic Analysis

Your Genetics Load the Gun. The Environment Pulls the Trigger

Looking at genetic mutations can be valuable resource when there is a strong genetic susceptibility within a family lineage. I work with Functional Genomica Analysis when wanting to go deeper in gaining information on how to support a client’s health.

The Functional Nutritional Genetic Analysis report covers the following areas:
1. Gut Health, gluten and dairy susceptibilities and histamine SNPS
2. Kreb cycle where energy is produced
3. Detoxification Capacity, CYP, Glutathione, Autophagy, NRF2
4. Folate Creation and Pathways
5. Methionine and Trans-sulfuration Pathways
6. Neurotransmitters, Glutamate
7. Inflammatory Tendencies
8. Vitamin D, Cell Membrane, Intestinal Bacteria, SHBG, Cardiovascular and Iron Overload
9. DNA Repair Variants that Impact Exercise and Fitness Potential
10. Electrical Sensitivity Potential
11. Lyme Study SNPS
12. Empathy and Oxytocin Receptors, MTOR.

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