IV Therapy

IV vitamin infusions to repair, rehydrate & renew.

IV Therapy & Vitamin Boosters Personalized To Your Wellness Goals

Whether experiencing chronic fatigue and brain fog from long-haul COVID or looking for an edge to enhance athletic performance & anti-aging, Sponaugle Wellness provides the most comprehensive selection of infusions and vitamin boosters in North America.

Below are some of the symptoms and wellness goals that patients find results with at Sponaugle Wellness:

  • Beauty & Anti-Aging
  • Athletic Performance & Recovery
  • Jet Lag & Travel Recovery
  • Chronic Fatigue (Mitochondrial Dysfunction)
  • Sexual Wellness & Libido
  • Injury Recovery & Prevention
  • Nutritional Optimization
  • Cognitive Ability & Brain Fog

To schedule an infusion today - please call (727) 977-5559

Infusions are available a la carte or weekly programs based on the program's health conditions and wellness goals. For example, a la carte infusions are available for patients seeking drips for a specific wellness goal, such as jet lag, chronic fatigue, food poisoning, and beauty, with a full menu of infusions available based on medical approval by the on-site staff.

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