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Kelly – Canada

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Kelly, from Alberta, Canada, developed Lyme-induced brain fog, memory loss and other Neuro-Lyme symptoms six years before coming to Sponaugle Wellness Institute. Her other symptoms included pronounced swelling around her eyes, incessant nausea, joint pain, muscle weakness, hair loss, chronic insomnia, fatigue, head pressure, radiating numbness and pain in her face, dramatic weight gain and profound heat intolerance. As Kelly states in her video testimonial, in ten weeks’ time, Dr Sponaugle’s Neuro-Lyme treatment returned her brain function to normal*, and he restored hope that she could again become the wife and mother that she aspired to be.

*Sponaugle Wellness Institute cannot guarantee individual patient outcomes.
Treatment results will vary from patient to patient.

About the Author:

With emphasis on Environmental Medicine, Dr. Sponaugle specializes in treating brain and neurological disorders derived from Neurological Lyme disease, Mold Toxicity, Industrial Toxicity, Gut Toxicity, and five additional stealth infections that are attacking the Brain and Neurological system. Dr. Sponaugle approaches healing on an intracellular level using biochemistry and detoxification protocols to optimize mitochondrial function.

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