John from Florida | Lyme Disease

John's Lyme Success Story

As a young Forest Ranger in the mountains surrounding Winchester, Virginia, John was exposed to many deer ticks. Prior to becoming a patient at Sponaugle Wellness Institute, John had undergone 3 years of antibiotic therapy from a bright and rather famous LLMD in the DC area.

However, with each month of antibiotic therapy, John displayed more brain fog, chronic fatigue, insomnia, and hopelessness.

After enjoying a very active lifestyle, John became sedentary because of his severe chronic fatigue and joint pain. Feeling depressed and hopeless, John joined a “chronic Lyme” support group. Other Chronic Lyme patients told John they had learned to endure the pain. It is the life of a chronic pain patient.

Using his mostly natural Lyme treatment, Dr. Sponaugle transformed John into a healthy and happy young man in only 8 weeks*.

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