Stacie – Maryland Lyme Disease Treatment

Stacie's Lyme Disease Success Story

Stacie, once a very healthy and active mom of four and wife, was confined to a wheelchair after contracting ‪‎Lyme Disease‬. It all started with a tick bite and six months after that, Stacie started losing the feeling on the right side of her body, falling and losing balance.‬‬‬‬‬

She could no longer play with her children and walk with her husband. After nine months in a wheelchair, Stacie started to recover her life back thanks to Dr. Sponaugle’s Lyme Disease Treatment.

In eight weeks of Lyme treatment at ‪Sponaugle Wellness Institute, Stacie started to feel like herself again: She got out of her wheelchair, started taking long walks with her husband, and played with her children.

Stacie is one of many other Doctor Rick Sponaugle patients that we're able to leave their wheelchairs behind and recover their life back. There is always hope!

Lyme disease treatment testimonial sponaugle wellness institute stacie - maryland
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