William from New Jersey | Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease Treatment Success For New Jersey Resident and Virginia College Student

William's Story

William is another Lyme Disease success story from Sponaugle Wellness Institute. He is a Monmouth County, New Jersey native, where Lyme Disease is very prevalent.

William's illness began with Bell's Palsy and an overall body rash. He had been suffering from other diseases for approximately a year and a half. William grew up in one the epicenters for Lyme Disease in New Jersey, after which he attended college in Fairfax, Virginia, another hotspot for Lyme Disease diagnoses.

William's physician used traditional western blot testing for Lyme Disease, which returned negative thrice. Drexel University recently proved that western blot testing for Lyme Disease has a 70% false negative. William finally tested positive for Lyme Disease on his fourth test. William's mother had researched the symptoms of Lyme Disease and suspected her son did indeed have Lyme Disease.

William underwent one and a half years of traditional antibiotic treatment for Lyme Disease but failed to get better. In fact, William got worse with the antibiotics.

After diligent research, William’s mother found Dr. Sponaugle. She liked his philosophy of healing patients intracellularly by optimizing mitochondrial function. Dr. Sponaugle emphasizes that the mitochondria are the engines that run our killer cells and antibodies.

At Sponaugle Wellness Institute, the foundation of Lyme Disease treatment is based upon reversing the toxin-induced immune suppression that prevents patients from killing Lyme spirochetes.

William's mother reported that she had finally witnessed her son smiling and humming along to the music for the first time in years since he received treatment at Sponaugle Wellness Institute.


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