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Lyme Disease & Mold Toxicity: Double Trouble For Your Brain

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The majority of our patients have previously undergone treatment by 20 or more physicians.

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This doctor saved my husbands sanity and his life. The staff is wonderful. During my husbands treatment, I watched others get well. Most with the same story that no one else could help them. Other doctors treat the symptoms. Dr. Sponaugle fixes the underlying problem. I can’t thank him and his staff enough.

John, on RateMD

Dr. Sponaugle and his team saved my life. You will see, read and hear that often and it’s true. I flew to the States for addiction, met people from all over the world being treated for all kinds of diseases. Dr. S adjusted my brain chemistry and I’m living and leading my healthiest life yet. If you have any hesitation, fly there for his workshop and meet with his patients. That’s what my family and I chose to do and I’m so happy we made that decision because I’m a changed woman now! Thank you Dr. Sponaugle and the entire team!

Jennifer, on Vitals

Thank you, Dr. Sponaugle was the only doctor that would put out a helping hand. Being Canadian they didn’t believe my results After meets with Doc for 5 hrs I was so muck sicker then I thought I was. I left my husband and two young kids so that doc can work his magic. If Dr. Sponaugle didn’t help me I would be dead. So thank you so much Doc and you staff for saving my life.

Bob, on Vitals

I was a patient at SWI just over 4 years ago and was treated for chronic Lyme disease & mold toxicity. When I arrived I was in a wheelchair and extremely ill. Post treatment I have been amazing & have recommended this treatment to many friends & family members suffering from Lyme Disease. Prior to treatment at SWI I had seen over 25 doctors, non which knew what was wrong with me. The day I met doc I knew I was in the right place. He is the most educated doctor that I have never met. Thanks Doc!

Alisha, on Healthgrades
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