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Lyme Spirochetes
“Pretty  much everybody in America has had some Lyme spirochetes injected into their bloodstream by mosquitos, ticks, horse flies, or fleas. The media and the majority of even Lyme literate doctors continue to talk about ticks, and yet I’ve been suggesting since my own daughter was sick in 2008, that mosquitos are carrying Lyme spirochetes – actually that was proven in Germany back in November at the University of Frankfurt. So when you know that mosquitos are carrying Lyme the majority of people in America have been bitten by mosquitos. Do they all carry Lyme in mosquitos no …the difference is in the immune system …” Dr. Rick Sponaugle




Sometimes the best way to really identify with a condition is to hear a per­sonal story. It’s hard to connect the dots that your bloating could affect your brain, but reading my granddaughter Violet’s interview will help you to understand how it can take a perfectly healthy and happy person and degrade her life until it is no longer recognizable.

It happened to her and took away her quality of life during fun child­hood times when all her fourteen-year-old friends were enjoying normal lives. Instead, Violet was battling an enemy she could not understand.

My husband, Alan, had a constant runny nose and runny eyes; I developed Candida and intestinal discomfort, which didn’t make sense because our food choices are so healthy and our supplementation regimen so vigorous. We knew we were reacting to something in our home, so Dr. Rick Sponaugle of the Sponaugle Wellness Institute did some serious blood testing. That is when he discovered that several kinds of mold had invaded our bodies.
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MOLD, TOXINS, AND CHEMICALS: What Are They Doing to Us and What Can We Do About Them?

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“Environmental medicine has emerged as a new medical specialty because, at last count, American industry has manufactured more than eighty-one thousand synthetic chemicals since 1930. We are exposed to these toxic chemicals on a daily basis.”

“What is problematic is that these industrial toxins—benzene, toluene, pesticides, food additives and xenoestrogens like BPA, PCB, and phthalates, to name a just a few—being lipophilic or fatty in nature, freely move through the fatty membranes of the body’s cells migrating to and depositing in the fattiest body tissue. Because our brain is the fattiest organ in the body, consisting of some 60 percent fat, every decade an ever-increasing number of Americans are suffering from neurotoxicity—the excessive accumulation of environmental toxins in the brain.”

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The Road to Perfect Health
by Brenda Watson
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Brain & Nervous System
Balance Your Gut, Heal Your Body
of ADD-ADHD, Alzeimer’s Disease, Addiction**, Anxiety**, Depression**, Autism, Perkinson’s Disease.
“The gut houses the enteric nervous system, a part of the peripheral nervous system that is made up of 100 million neurons connecting the gut to the brain.”
“Bringing the gut back into balance by recognizing the underlying contributing factors that create the imbalance in the first place, is the first step to building a healthy foundation upon which optimal brain function can be achieved. ”

“Lyme disease and mold toxicity are the two most common causes of excessive brain toxicity in my patients.”

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Heart of Perfect Health by Brenda Watson
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Dr. Rick Sponaugle
Brenda sits down with Marvin “Rick” Sponaugle, MD, founder and medical director of Florida Detox and Sponaugle Wellness Institute about the link between toxicity, the gut hormone dysfunction, and the heart.
“The more severe the gut toxicity, the more inflammation and the more over electrified the brain.”

“Serotonin Deficiency is first a gut problem before it becomes a brain problem.”

“Fat-soluble toxins migrate to and deposit in, the fattiest organ in the human body: the brain.”

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