IV Resveratrol

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What is IV Resveratrol?

Resveratrol is produced by many plants when they are stressed or under attack.  It is a constituent of red wine and provides antioxidants resulting in a synergistic anticancer effect.  As oral absorption with supplementation is poor, I recommend the use the administration of resveratrol intravenously for cancer patients.

Based on my experience and research treating cancer patients, I have found that resveratrol can promote the proptosis of tumor cells and block tumor growth and migration.

It also prevents DNA damage that can lead to tumor formation.  In addition, resveratrol inhibits cyclooxygenase which is known to play a role in tumor genesis by promoting inflammation and cancer cell proliferation.

Resveratrol has also been shown to increase the activity of a variety of carcinogen-detoxifying enzymes, which is extremely important in both the prevention and treatment of cancer. It has been shown to decrease the incidence of breast, colorectal, and liver cancer.

It also suppresses CD 133 stem cells and the W NT/B pathway

In 2012 Dr. Mena found that the mechanism of cell death is inhibiting autophagy flux with lysosomal membrane rupture of the cancer cell.  Thus killing itself.

Molecular structure for iv resveratrol

What are the benefits of IV Resveratrol?

Resveratrol can reduce inflammation and improve blood flow and regenerate blood vessel cells. Sperm count and movement and stimulate erections

Anti-aging and cancer effects Revestrol is an antioxidant with antioxidant effects that occurs during everyday bodily functions such as eating and exercising. Eating unhealthy foods and in response to environmental pollution and toxicity obtained by the environment.

Due to its anti-inflammatory effect, resveratrol demonstrates vascular protection (thickened arteries, which cuts blood flow), high LDL (bad cholesterol). Formation of blood clots and myocardial infarction It has also been shown that consuming more increases circulation and has a positive effect on glucose and fat metabolism. In some cases, there is a high risk of metabolic syndrome.

It protects the brain. Learning, understanding, and mental health Resveratrol are especially prominent because resveratrol antioxidants can cross the blood-brain barrier to protect the brain and nervous system, unlike other antioxidants.

How does Resveratrol IV work?

Revestrol therapy works by protecting the DNA of our cells. It is believed to be one of the most powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants work by helping to prevent cell damage caused by free radicals.

Free radicals are unstable atoms that are exposed to sunlight and pollution and natural fat burning in our body, which can lead to brain degeneration, cancer, and aging.

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