Dr. Sponaugle Helps Canadian Out of Wheelchair

UPDATE: FOUR years after being treated for Lyme Disease by Dr. Sponaugle, Kamea feels amazing and continues to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. She is a vegan and stronger than ever. Competing in Tough Mudder competitions, rollerblading, running, participating in gymnastics and diving backwards into pools!*

Lyme disease treatment - canadian patient out of wheelchair
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Kamea’s Story

Before contracting Lyme Disease, Kamea was an avid runner who spent four hours a day in gymnastics training. In April of 2013, Kamea came to Sponaugle Wellness Institute unable to walk more than a few yards; hence she used a wheelchair most of the time. She had already undergone four years of initial misdiagnosis and failed Lyme Disease Treatment from 20+ doctors in Canada and America.

Canadian doctors initially suggested that Kamea’s MS symptoms were derived from stress. Even upon request from Kamea’s mother, Canadian doctors would not test her for Lyme Disease.

Kamea was eventually diagnosed with Lyme Disease, but her condition worsened yearly. She suffered through three years of failed Lyme Disease Treatment, as provided by American LLMDs.

As seen in her gut-wrenching home video above, Kamea struggled to walk from her bedroom to her kitchen. But after eight weeks of the Sponaugle protocol for Lyme Treatment, Kamea no longer needed her wheelchair!

She walked effortlessly up and down the halls of our clinic, also seen in her video testimonial.

After ten weeks of our comprehensive Lyme Treatment, Kamea challenged Pastor Johnson to a footrace – the first time she ran in four years when she was just ten.

Patients afflicted with MS symptoms and Lyme Disease always prove to suffer from multiple medical disorders; they are never afflicted with Lyme disease only. Kamea was no different. To regain their health, these patients need sophisticated treatment and extraordinary brain expertise. Without expertise in treating brain disorders, one cannot provide truly holistic medicine.

Hopefully, Kamea’s video has touched your heart and prompted you to spread the word of hope and healing for patients with debilitating diseases, especially chronic Lyme patients.

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