Bradley's Story of Healing

After undergoing years of treatment for Lyme Disease in Australia, Bradley suffered with multiple neurological symptom of Lyme Disease. He was unable to drive a car due to lack of coordination, severe ataxia (imbalance issues) and continuous facial tics.

When Bradley came to Sponaugle Wellness Institute for Lyme Disease treatment, Dr. Sponaugle showed Bradley, on his PET-Brain scan, how his Lyme Disease Symptoms correlated with localized under-active areas in his brain’s cerebellum (as seen in yellow in the 4/29/15 image below).

Brain scan of neurological lyme disease patient

He also had resting tremors, more pronounced on his right side, which correlated well with the severe reduction of activity in his left Caudate Nucleus.

Even though Bradley refused Dr. Sponaugle’s advice to add antibiotics to his Natural Lyme Disease Treatment, Dr. Sponaugle was still successful in reducing Bradley’s massive infection*. The PET-computerized calculation also revealed tremendous improvement of activity in Bradley’s bilateral Caudate Nuclei and Cerebellum.

Chronic lyme patient testimonial

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