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Savannah’s Mold Toxicity Success Story 

“You can’t have a rainbow without some thunder”

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Black Mold Is The New Black Plague

In her exit interview, Savannah Lathem calls “Black Mold the New Black Plague.” As a busy young actress with her whole life ahead of her, she had entire months she could not get out of bed with extreme exhaustion, brain fog and intense head pressure. She was young, energetic and extremely talented, landing roles on Disney shows, network television, movies and had a budding music career. But, something was wrong, she knew she needed help.

Some Days Were So Bad Savannah Could Barely Lift Her Head

Upon her arrival to LA, Savannah moved into a condo and immediately started to feel sick. Flu-like symptoms gripped her for weeks, which turned into months. The pressure in her head was unbearable, many days she felt it was unsafe for her to drive. She went to physician after physician, all the blood tests kept coming back normal.

Savannah felt like she was crazy. Some days were so bad she couldn’t even lift her head and had to be pushed around in a wheelchair, but no one could tell her what was wrong. Even more perplexing was the fact that other days she felt almost normal and looked “well.”

After a phone call to her mother where she disclosed “something is wrong, I feel like I might die” she left LA and finally found a doctor in her home state of Alabama who gave her some hope. He looked at her symptoms, tests and history. His daughter had recently battled mold toxicity and recommended Savannah be tested for mold.

Savannah remembers hoping it was mold because she needed to find the source of her health’s downward spiral. The mold blood tests came back positive and the tests in her Los Angeles apartment revealed a shocking, deadly amount of mold growing in every room. She moved out and got rid of all personal possessions that may have been exposed to the mold.

After diagnosis, she sought the help of physicians all over LA, but none were familiar with treating mold. Her family took to the internet and decided to pursue treatment here, at Sponaugle Wellness Institute.

Diagnosis at Sponaugle Wellness Institute

Immediately after moving into her LA apartment, Savannah’s health went downhill. At first she thought it was just a terrible, lingering flu, but as symptoms worsened she started to search for answers.

  • Extreme Head Pressure

  • Brain Fog
  • Short Term Memory Loss
  • Heaviness in Limbs

  • Debilitating Fatigue

  • Heart Palpitations

  • Weight Gain

  • Flu-like Symptoms

Co-Occuring Disorders are often found in patients suffering from Mold Toxicity. Savannah was diagnosed with Mold Toxicity, Brucellosis and Lyme Disease.

Mold Toxicity
Lyme Disease

Using Science To Diagnose Lyme Disease & Co-Occurring Disorders

Mold Toxicity BeforeMold Toxicity After

Treatment at the source.

The team at Sponaugle Wellness Institute has developed a proprietary treatment protocol to treat the source of the problem, not just the symptoms. We use PET scans to diagnose a patient by looking at the brain.

Savannah Lathem’s before and after photos on the outside are as remarkable as her healing on the inside.

Savannah’s Exit Interview After Completing Treatment

Watch Savannah Lathem’s exit interview for insight on her journey and utmost happiness for being able to “move on with her life now.” “When I got here, everything just started to click.” She describes the ups and downs of treatment and her decision to say past her estimated exit date although her blood tests came back clear. Savannah is happy to feel normal again and focus solely on her career.

Vibrant and beautiful, Savanah is a brilliant actress and singer. She has returned to making movies. Click here to see her latest film.

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