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Patients suffering from Chronic Pain experience symptoms such as persistent pain, fatigue, weakened immune system, depression and insomnia.

Our research has proven that continuous use of opiate medications causes deficiencies of the calming brain chemicals Serotonin and Taurine which subsequently causes the brain’s emotional center, deep limbic system, to become severely overactive resulting in chronic pain. Dr. Sponaugle and the team at SWI explained this research in which we have correlated opiate induced changes in brain scans with changes in Brain Chemistry patterns. These changes derived from taking medications like Roxycodone and OxyContin make the brain more sensitive to incoming electrical pain signals.

Dr. Sponaugle recently spoke at the NFL retired players conference in Las Vegas where he explained why the NFL players were experiencing more physical pain after using opiate pain medications than they had felt with their initial football injury. The medical term for this chronic pain phenomenon is hyperalgesia.

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Are You Experiencing Chronic Pain Symptoms?

Prescribing Opioid medication (narcotic pain medication) is not the proper treatment for your Chronic Pain.

Opioid Use Can Cause Multiple Hormonal Deficiencies.

Dr. Sponaugle’s research has also proven that opiate pain medications suppress the hormonal output of the brain’s pituitary gland causing the following hormonal deficiencies.

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