IV Therapy Program

Personalized IV Therapy Programs

At Sponaugle Wellness, we offer a wide range of intravenous therapies to help you start feeling healthier. Our experienced naturopathic physicians will work with you to determine the best IV treatment for your symptoms.

Cell Membrane Therapy / Phosphatidylcholine (PC)

Cell membrane therapy is an IV treatment designed to eliminate toxins from the body and restore cellular function. This new approach will revolutionize cellular detoxification with phosphatidylcholine benefits offering results far and beyond previously possible.

Throughout life, our cells gather pollutants as we are exposed through normal living. These pollutants like metals, chemicals, etc. bind throughout our cells, preventing normal function. Over time we begin to have seemingly untouchable symptoms as our cells cannot produce energy to support normal body functions.

Through a series of specific infusions and phosphatidylcholine supplementation, along with other treatments, we can effectively wash our cells of these toxins and restore cellular functions.

Mineral Replacement Therapies

Acute and chronic illnesses can leave your body depleted of minerals and nutrients, exacerbating your pain symptoms. To combat this, Sponaugle Wellness offers IV nutritional therapy to replenish your body’s minerals and nutrients.

Nutrient Cocktails (Myers Cocktail)

The Myers Cocktail IV has been used for years to treat a variety of conditions, including Fibromyalgia, Lyme, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Asthma, Allergies, etc.

Because most health conditions affect the GI system negatively, it is very common to lose key nutrient absorption— even when supplementing orally.

Through IV nutrient therapy, patients see improvements in energy lasting days and even weeks.  Pain is often decreased, and immune function is boosted.

High Dose Vitamin C IV Therapy

You may have noticed the recent buzz on social media about the amazing benefits of high-dose Vitamin C Therapy in sepsis (a blood infection), which seems to outperform traditional antibiotics and other drugs.

Vitamin C is used throughout the body. When given intravenously through IV therapy, concentrations can build much higher than is possible with oral use.

Acting as an antioxidant and oxidant depending on dosage IV, Vitamin C has been shown to improve collagen, increase energy, and improve immune function.

Vitamin IV therapy has been used in treating cancers since the 70s. It can be used in conjunction with radiation and some chemotherapies with the oncologist’s permission.

IV Heavy Metal Chelation Therapy

As medical research develops and studies improve, we learn more about the environmental impact on our health. We live in a toxic world, and over time our bodies become very polluted.

Metals are one of the pollutants that disrupt body function significantly. Many physicians have learned that when a patient is not improving with normal treatment, they most likely have environmental toxicity as an obstacle to overcome before the body responds to the treatment.

Heavy metal chelation through IV therapy is a wonderful tool used to pull metals from the body that may have been present for years. Chronic conditions get traction and improve as the body is cleaned, removing the obstacle to cure.

Intravenous Therapies at Sponaugle Wellness

Whether you’re seeking intravenous infusion therapy for natural, holistic treatment of Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, Mold Exposure (CIRS), or another chronic pain condition, our licensed integrative medical physicians are experienced in diagnosing your symptoms and determining the best course of treatment— which often includes IV therapy.

Schedule A IV Therapy Consultation

To schedule an IV drip or learn about your treatment options, call a new patient care coordinator at 1-877-736-7180 or schedule a consultation with an integrative wellness physician to learn more about our integrative holistic approach to treating Lyme DiseaseMold Toxicity, & other complex diseases,

The clinic is located at 300 State St E #222, Oldsmar, FL 34677, near the Tampa International Airport (TPA). Environmental-friendly lodging and safe housing are available on-site at the clinic for out-of-state and international patients, as well as select on-site wellness amenities for weekly program patients and their loved ones.

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