IV Therapy

IV Therapy Based On Your Wellness Goals & Symptoms

Whether you are focusing on athletic performance, beauty, anti-aging, or addressing chronic illness, Sponaugle Wellness customizes treatments to the wellness goals of each patient.

Infusions are available a la carte or weekly programs based on the program's health conditions and wellness goals. A la carte infusions are available for patients seeking drips for a specific wellness goal, such as jet lag, chronic fatigue, and beauty, with a full menu of infusions available based on medical approval by the on-site nurse practitioner.

Below are some of the symptoms and wellness goals that patients find results with at Sponaugle Wellness:

  • Beauty & Anti-Aging
  • Athletic Performance & Recovery
  • Jet Lag & Travel Recovery
  • Chronic Fatigue (Mitochondrial Dysfunction)
  • Sexual Wellness & Libido
  • Long-Haul COVID
  • Injury Recovery & Prevention
  • Nutritional Optimization
  • Cognitive Ability & Brain Fog

To schedule an infusion today - please call (727) 977-5559

Personalized IV Therapy Program

Sponaugle Wellness offers 100+ infusions to patients seeking integrative treatment options to overcome chronic illness, optimize their energy, or pursue a wellness lifestyle to feel their best every day.

Based on the patient's health and wellness goals, patients can customize their infusion (pending medical approval) and receive treatment in our state-of-the-art wellness infusion center in Oldsmar, FL.

Below is a list of the infusions and vitamin boosters available to patients seeking IV Therapy on an as-needed basis or a more comprehensive plan to have a complete integrative treatment program to focus on wellness, prevention, or overcoming complex diseases from tickborne disease or environmental diseases.

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