IV Quercitin

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What is Quercitin IV Therapy?

Quercetin is a natural bioflavonoid found in many foods and herbs.  It blocks tumor export of lactate, resulting in a lethal drop in tumor pH triggering pH-dependent cancer cell death.  It causes cancer cells through many different pathways.

Quercetin also inhibits inflammation and blocks cancer growth pathways.It binds to type II estrogen receptors in breast, colon, ovarian, melanoma, leukemia, and meningeal cancer cells, inhibiting growth.

Quercetin also inhibits the proliferative affecting breast cancer cells of environmental Xeno estrogens.

Quercetin interferes with the Porter system IN pump, also called P glycoprotein, which can pump drugs right out of the cancer cells.  Giving quercetin with many chemo drugs helps hold enough chemo inside the cancer cells to overcome multidrug-resistant MDR to help kill your cancer.

It also blocks epidermal growth factors and reduces different cancel signaling pathways.  It has been shown to increase the effectiveness of radiation and chemotherapy.


Schedule An IV Quercitin Treatment

To schedule an IV quercitin infusion or learn about your treatment options, call a new patient care coordinator at 1-877-736-7180 or schedule a consultation with an integrative wellness physician to learn more about our integrative holistic approach to treating Lyme DiseaseMold Toxicity, & other complex diseases,

The clinic is located at 300 State St E #222, Oldsmar, FL 34677, near the Tampa International Airport (TPA). Environmental-friendly lodging and safe housing are available on-site at the clinic for out-of-state and international patients, as well as select on-site wellness amenities for weekly program patients and their loved ones.

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