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Integrative Lyme Disease & Mold Toxicity Treatment Center

Integrative Mold Toxicity & Lyme Disease Treatment Center in Oldsmar, FL

The  Sponaugle Wellness Institute is a premier world-class medical facility located in Oldsmar, FL, providing advanced, research-based alternative and conventional medical treatments to patients needing to recover from the most complex cases of chronic illness worldwide.

At Sponaugle Wellness, we practice integrative medicine combining the best of western medicine and natural medicine. The foundation of our Lyme disease treatment is to enhance mitochondrial function, which increases the killing power of the immune system's natural killer cells and antibodies. This is accomplished by reversing toxin-induced mitochondrial dysfunction.

Our typical patient has undergone treatment from multiple doctors and wellness centers, yet they have failed to regain their health. These complicated patients normally suffer from multiple undiagnosed medical disorders. They require a more comprehensive diagnostic workup and a more intensive treatment than is available through routine “wellness” medicine.

Lyme disease treatment center in florida
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Our Medical Director, Rick Sponaugle, MD is an integrative physician who attempts to prioritize treatment through quality forensic medicine. Performing an analysis of 400 numerical bio-markers in his initial consultation, Dr. Sponaugle's goal is to diagnose and treat the underlying cause of your multiple symptoms.

To more effectively treat patients with Lyme disease, Dr. Sponaugle uses experience acquired from working 20 years in critical care medicine and brain expertise derived from treating thousands of patients with brain and neurological disorders.

Dr. “Rick” Sponaugle has been recognized throughout the world as a leader in the integration of modern brain science into his addiction treatment model. He has been featured in the national media spotlight on such shows as the Dr. Phil show, Suzanne Somers show, Ricki Lake show, CNN, Anderson Cooper, FOX News, ABC News, CBS News, and NBC News, and PBS.

Lindsay's lyme disease treatment success story | sponaugle wellness institute | mother of two severe mold toxicity & chronic lyme

“Every doctor just kept saying it’s in your head, reduce the stress in your life, speak to a psychologist, but I received no answer for what was actually happening to me.”

Lindsay came to us after being diagnosed with Lyme Disease and the highest level of Mold Toxicity we’ve ever seen. Dizziness, fainting, numbness in her limbs, extreme anxiety, nausea, and fatigue so badly she could barely get out of bed. Muscle and joint stiffness and extreme neck pain, accompanied by depression, insomnia, her teeth started breaking and she would lose vision for half-hour periods at a time. Lindsay felt like she was going to die.

Wheelchair Success Stories

At Sponaugle Wellness Institute, we believe truly “holistic” wellness treatment should not only heal the body, it should also heal the brain!! The brain is our most complex organ. Optimizing brain function in sick patients requires extraordinary knowledge of brain physiology, modern brain science and the expertise derived from treating thousands of patients with brain disorders.

We succeed where others have failed. At Sponaugle Wellness Institute, bedridden patients or wheelchairs for years have hope that they will be able to walk again. We cannot enable every patient we treat to come out of their wheelchair. However, 35 chronic Lyme disease patients have come out of their wheelchairs at Sponaugle Wellness Institute.

Chronic lyme disease treatment testimonial sponaugle wellness institute
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Faced with debilitating symptoms that were affecting his business and home life, Tom went from physician to physician seeking a diagnosis. He knew something was not right, but no specialist could offer a solid diagnosis. As migraines, pain and extreme fatigue began to take hold of his life, his search leads him to the Sponaugle Wellness Institute.

On his final day of treatment, Tom was compelled to face the staff and other patients to give a speech on his life-changing experience at Sponaugle Wellness. To watch his speech, exit interview, PET scan imaging, and information on Tom, click here.

PET Scan Review & Consultation

The doctors at Sponaugle Wellness Institute use PET-brain imaging to obtain more sophisticated data of these regions for treatment. Additionally, our PET-scan database now catalogs hundreds of Lyme Disease patients, allowing us to continuously improve treatment for the benefit of others.

Through computerized calculation, PET scans provide numbers for more objective evaluation of brain activity. The PET-scan computer calculates glucose metabolism by brain region, and glucose metabolism correlates with electrical activity.

Our preference for treating Lyme Disease is to reduce the brain’s toxin load to ground zero, before commencing to kill protocols in Neurological Lyme Disease patients.

However, because the effective killing of Lyme spirochetes, Bartonella, Protomyxzoa, and other infectious organisms releases lipopolysaccharide (LPS) toxins from their cell walls, the brain becomes temporarily more toxic during treatment.

We address this as part of treatment by clearing this toxic effect during brain scans, making it easier to evaluate and treat the brain regions that are under-active due to infection.

Neurological lyme disease treatment

Lydia searched for treatment for her symptoms for over 25 years. Her chronic inflammation, pain, inability to walk, numbness, hair loss and more led to depression and a feeling that she “was going to die.” Lydia is now walking, dancing and feeling like “life has given her a second chance” after her treatment at Sponaugle Wellness Institute.

Lydia's mold treatment success story
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Mary Lindsey was a healthy and extremely active teenager who danced 20 hours a week before she succumbed to a combination of neurological Lyme disease, Bartonella infection, and mold toxicity. As these infections progressed, she became wheelchair-bound and developed severe neurological symptoms, including seizures, slurred speech, and total body pain.

Prior to finding the integrative treatment for Lyme disease at Sponaugle Wellness Institute, Mary Lindsey sought treatment with 30 doctors including neurologists at two major universities, who told her that her symptoms were solely psychological.

Mary lindsey's lyme disease and mold toxicity treatment success story | sponaugle wellness institute | from wheelchair to bike riding
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