High Dose Vitamin C

Intravenous Vitamin C (High Dose)

Vitamin C (aka ascorbic acid) is a water-soluble vitamin essential to your health and wellness. Unlike most mammals, humans cannot make their own vitamin C, so must obtain it from diet or supplementation. Foods like oranges, lemons, and red bell peppers are rich in this vitamin, and many over-the-counter supplements contain vitamin C.

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant, essential for multiple body functions, such as collagen production, immune system activation, and metabolism support. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of  Vitamin C taken by mouth can be absorbed by our bodies.  High doses of Vitamin C cause gastrointestinal (GI) discomfort and/or diarrhea. Research shows that IV Vitamin C can be highly beneficial for your body.  IV Vitamin C therapy allows you to bypass your GI tract and take full advantage of high doses of Vitamin C.

Potential benefits of intravenous Vitamin C (IVC)

  • Vitamin C has many documented benefits, including boosting the immune system.
  • IVC reduces inflammation (as measured by c-reactive protein levels) and reduces the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines.
  • Cancer patients are often depleted of vitamin C, and IVC provides an efficient means of restoring tissue stores without causing diarrhea or GI distress.
  • IVC has been shown to improve the quality of life in cancer patients by a variety of metrics.
  • At high concentrations, vitamin C is preferentially toxic to tumor cells and is an angiogenesis inhibitor - so this may help the chemotherapy and/or radiation work better and limit tumor growth/spread.

Why should I try Vitamin C in IV form?

  • I'd like to boost my levels of vitamin C for general health benefits.
  • Provide a robust immune response to infection and many chronic conditions.
  • I have a chronic illness and want to improve my quality of life.
  • Other ways of getting Vitamin C aren't working for me.
  • I have cancer and am receiving chemo/radiation and would like to improve the effectiveness of the therapy.
  • I'd like to decrease the toxicity and severity of side effects from standard cancer therapy.
  • I'd like to prolong my cancer remission with health-enhancing strategies.
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