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Things To DO While Enjoying Your Stay in Sunny Florida

Things to Do While Undergoing Treatment at Sponaugle Wellness Institute

Normally our patients spend two-hours-a-day, five-days-a-week, in our IV Therapy room. This allows much of the day for enjoying our beautiful beaches with other patients and families. We encourage patients to exercise by walking barefoot on the soft sugar sand for a natural foot massage and calming aerobic activity. Our winters offer sunny dry weather, which is a perfect environment for healing.

St. Pete Beach, FL

Welcome to St. Pete Beach, Florida, a tranquil coastal paradise nestled along the sparkling waters of the Gulf of Mexico. While visiting for your treatment at the renowned Sponaugle Wellness Institute in nearby Oldsmar, take the opportunity to explore the local attractions and indulge in rejuvenating activities outside of your therapeutic journey.

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the area by strolling along the pristine white sands of St. Pete Beach. Feel the gentle caress of the sea breeze on your skin as you admire breathtaking sunsets over the horizon. The beach is a haven for relaxation, where you can unwind and find solace amidst the soothing sounds of crashing waves.

For those seeking a touch of culture, visiting the Salvador Dali Museum is a must. Located in nearby St. Petersburg, this renowned institution houses an extensive collection of surrealist masterpieces by the legendary artist Salvador Dali. Lose yourself in the enigmatic world of Dali's paintings, sculptures, and drawings, and allow his creative genius to ignite your imagination.

Nature enthusiasts will delight in visiting Fort De Soto Park, a picturesque haven with sandy beaches, lush mangroves, and abundant wildlife. Embark on a kayaking adventure through serene waterways, observe migratory birds at the bird sanctuary, or bask in the serenity of this coastal treasure.

To sate your appetite for culinary delights, head to the vibrant downtown area of St. Petersburg, where many dining options await. From farm-to-table eateries to eclectic international cuisines, satisfy your palate with a fusion of flavors that celebrate the region's diverse culinary scene.

St. Pete Beach offers a tapestry of experiences to enrich your journey toward wellness. Whether you seek tranquility, artistic inspiration, or a culinary adventure, let the local attractions be your gateway to holistic rejuvenation in this idyllic coastal haven.

Clearwater Beach, FL

We Treat patients from all over the world. Canadian and European patients comment that Clearwater Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches they have experienced. The white “sugar sand” at Clearwater Beach is just 14 miles from Sponaugle Wellness Institute.

In February 2016, TripAdvisor named Clearwater Beach as the #1 beach in the U.S., and #20 worldwide, as part of its Travelers’ Choice Awards!

“Honored for its 2.5 miles of “powdery sand and calm, shallow water,” Clearwater Beach is listed as a great vacation spot for its pedestrian-friendly Beach Walk Promenade and the lively scene at Pier 60. According to TripAdvisor, Clearwater Beach “has its all” with a mix of beach scenes, water sports, restaurants, and hotels.” – TampaBay.com

Caladesi Island

Caladesi Island is a beautiful island just eight miles from Sponaugle Wellness Institute. The proximity of Caladesi makes it a great day trip for patients and families. A Florida State Park, Caladesi, has been protected from commercialization and maintains a clean natural ambiance. Dr. Beach suggests that Caladesi is one of the most pristine beaches in America. Dr. Sponaugle agrees and prefers the quiescence of Caladesi Island over the more commercialized Clearwater Beach.

Beach lovers can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and beach combing. Saltwater anglers can cast a line from the beach. Nature enthusiasts can spot wildlife while hiking the three-mile nature trail through the island’s interior or paddling a three-mile kayak trail through the mangroves and bay. Picnic tables and shelters are located near the beach. The park has a snack bar and a gift shop.


Caladesi Island is accessible via a 20-minute ferry ride from Honeymoon Island State Park, an eight-mile drive from Sponaugle Wellness Institute. Ferry service is provided by the Caladesi Island Ferry (727) 734-1501. Kayak and Wind Surfing rentals are available at Honey Moon Island.

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