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Treatment for chronic Lyme disease requires much more than knowledge of microorganisms, antibiotics, and the immune system.

Lyme Disease Treatment Program

Chronic Lyme Disease is an immune-suppressing infection. Long-term immune suppression from Chronic Lyme Disease opens that gateway for multiple co-infections of every type of viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic. 

Lyme spirochetes, Bartonella, and the mosquito parasite Protomyxzoa Rheumatica mosquito will wrap themselves in biofilm if they are not immediately destroyed upon entering our bloodstream. Biofilm is a protective shield manufactured by invading organisms to escape attacks from our antibodies, natural killer cells, and antibiotics.

Effective Chronic Lyme Disease Treatment requires a deep understanding of the Lyme Spirochete and tickborne infections like Bartonella and Babesia infections that live inside the cells of every organ in the body. Causing chronic illness and chronic Lyme disease symptoms throughout the entire body.

Treatment for chronic Lyme disease requires much more than knowledge of microorganisms, antibiotics, and the immune system. Effective Chronic Lyme disease treatment requires additional expertise in the brain and functions of multiple body systems, including the endocrine, gastrointestinal, and cardiovascular systems.

What is lyme disease? Sponaugle wellness institute specializes in holistic treatment for lyme disease

If you’re like most of our patients, you already know a lot about Lyme disease. You might even be more informed than many medical doctors. Not only are you living with Lyme Disease, but you’ve spent countless hours poring over the latest Lyme disease treatment research in hopes of a breakthrough test that will validate your suffering or a novel therapy that’ll bring you relief.

Perhaps you were only recently diagnosed after months or years of debilitating pain, fatigue, weakness, or frightening neurological symptoms. You wouldn’t be alone. Over 70% of Lyme Disease patients see four or more doctors before receiving a correct Lyme diagnosis. Many are accused of exaggerating their symptoms or are referred to a mental health specialist.

Even with a confirmed case of Lyme disease, you may have been excused. Unfortunately, to the mainstream medical community, Lyme disease is simply an illness that’s successfully cured with a couple of weeks of antibiotics. It’s an open-and-shut case in the minds of most physicians.

Serving as the last chance Lyme treatment center in Oldsmar, Florida, our practitioners recognize no two Lyme disease patients are the same. We respect every aspect of your journey to arrive at our doors and acknowledge you as an equal partner in care. We’re dedicated to unraveling the complexity of the most progressive Lyme disease cases, providing personalized care that considers your whole self...body, mind, and spirit.

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What is lyme disease?

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Use Brain (PET) Scans To Determine Diagnosis & Best Possible Treatment Options

Our research has proven that Chronic Lyme Disease patients suffer from a combination of Mold Toxicity and Industrial Toxicity. Mold Mycotoxins and Industrial Toxins reduce the “kill power” of the immune system via multiple mechanisms.

These toxins have been proven to have the following impacts on the body:

  • Inhibit bone marrow production of natural killer cells
  • Destroy TNF alpha, the primary “messenger” of the immune system
  • Destroy the Peyer’s Patch, the antibody factory in our intestine
  • Reduce the brain’s electrical activity (our brain is the computer that “runs” our immune system)

Neuroimmunologists now emphasize that “the immune system is simply the tail-end of the neurological system.” Our brain is the computer that “runs” our neurological system. Therefore, our brain is responsible for activating our immune system. Our Chronic Lyme disease patients have proven this concept to be true.

When we reverse the toxin-induced reduction of Brain activity in our Chronic Lyme Disease patients, their sluggish immune system ”wakes up”. It begins to effectively kill Lyme spirochetes they could not kill for years. A healthy brain recognizes ‘foreign invaders” and actively stimulates the immune system to move into attack mode. Lyme Disease treatment is an extensive process of healing for patients.

When we utilize our intravenous neurological protocols to detoxify the brain of Chronic Lyme Disease patients, we dramatically increase their brain activity, as seen in Dennis’ before-and-after PET-Brain scans below (middle image).

Optimizing Brain Function Increases Immune Function

With Neuroimmunologists emphasizing that the immune system is simply the ”tail end” of the neurological system, it becomes apparent that we must first fix the suffering brain of Chronic Lyme patients to increase their immune function.

Brain chemicals called neurotransmitters are chemical messengers that modulate the electrical function in our brain and body. These neurotransmitters effectively control the up-regulation and down-regulation of our immune function. Chronic Lyme patients always suffer severe deficiencies and drastic imbalances in their neurotransmitters. The more antibiotic therapy they have received, the more powerful the distortion of brain chemistry and, subsequently, brain dysfunction.

Dr. Sponaugle’s research on how antibiotic therapy down-regulates brain function by changing brain chemistry began in 2006 and has been proven in thousands of patients. Dr. Sponaugle’s expertise allows for far more effective treatment of Lyme-induced depression, brain fog, chronic fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, and panic disorders.

Detoxifying Environmental Toxins Increases Immune Function

Our clinical research has proven that many environmental toxins, including industrial toxins like Toluene and the black mold toxin Trichothecene, cause more global immune suppression than the Lyme toxin.

The toxin produced by the Lyme bacterium suppresses the production of a specific white blood cell, the CD 57 Lymphocyte.

However, German research has proven that the Trichthecene T2 mold toxin suppresses both the immune system's humoral [antibodies] and cellular components. Furthermore, German research has proven that Trichothecene destroys 1NF-alpha, the immune system’s primary messenger.

Trichothecene also inhibits RNA/DNA replication affecting om fastest-growing cells the most. Trichothecene toxicity at high levels causes leucopenia because bone marrow production of the white blood cells has a turnover of 120 days. Trichothecene and industrial toxins like Benzene reduce the production of all killer cells, not simply the CD 57 killer cells like the Lyme toxin.

Dr. Sponaugle has diagnosed severe Trichothecene toxicity in the majority of our “Chronic Lyme” patients, who have previously endured years of failed Lyme Treatment because of environmental toxicity.

Personalized IV Therapy Program for Chronic Lyme Disease

Our chronic Lyme disease treatment protocols begin with healing detox IV therapy treatments to remove toxins before moving into the “killing” phase.

Lyme disease treatment begins with up-regulating your natural immune system so that you can increase your body’s natural immune system “kill” power. These healing IV therapy treatments optimize the endocrine system and replace nutritional deficiencies from Gastrointestinal system dysfunction and leaky gut syndrome. These Detoxification infusions optimize your immune system's” killing power” and clear Mold toxins, Industrial toxins out of your body.

Once the healing IV therapy treatment is accomplished, you start the Lyme Kill Protocol. “kill protocol” IV therapy infusion treatments busting Biofilm, effectively treating the many diagnosed and diagnosed infections that Chronic Lyme disease patients suffer from.

Most of our Chronic Lyme treatment patients suffer from the following infections; Bartonella, Protomyxzoa, Mycoplasma, and sometimes Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Each patient has a different level of cumulative toxicity, disease, or parasite, as well as an extra level of generalized sickness. So when we talk about a timeline for treatment, all of these factors must be considered.

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