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Dissertation on using Thyroid levels and TSH to prove False Negative Trichothecene Testing

This afternoon, I have been made aware of the primary underlying cause of my downward spiral in my health over the last 18 months.
Severe Trichothecene Toxicity.

After reviewing my recent testing, analyzing, and correlating various biomarkers, even though my Vibrant Mold Toxicity Testing was negative for Trichothecenes, I noticed too many classical aberrations in my biomarkers that, over the years, I had proven with precision before and after testing, were caused by Trichothecenes.

Therefore, I called Allan from Mold Matters and asked him to use his infrared camera at multiple angles to rule out a hidden Stachybotrus infestation in this relatively new, 3-year-old townhouse.

Much to his surprise, he found a massive Black Mold infestation behind the posterior shower wall.

The Biomarkers I have correlated with high Trichothecene levels since 2006 are too many to list here, a few pertinent biomarkers are listed below.

Severe Reduction of Natural Killer Cell Production (CD4 level of 400)

Severe Reduction of IgG Antibody Production (559)

The following concept is more complicated.
I have attempted to teach most of my medical staff this concept, admittedly, it requires more focus on the intangible, but one must simply visualize the molecules and receptors, and differentiate the concept of hormone measurement versus actual hormone receptivity, and subsequent activity of that specific hormone.

The measurement of my Free T3 Hormone was elevated to a level of 4.8 because I was taking 120 mg of Armour Thyroid each morning.
My Free T4 was only 0.9, the bottom of the bell-shaped curve.

We all know the ratio of T3 to T4 is high in Armour Thyroid, which is fine since we now know that T4 has only 10 percent activity and that T3 is the active Thyroid hormone.

The production of my Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH hormone) was not suppressed as it should be with the active Thyroid hormone, the free T3 hormone, level over the top.

TSH production would be suppressed if the Free T3 hormone “activity” were elevated. We must differentiate between measurement of Free T3 hormone and the actual activity of free T3 hormone.

The positive-negative Feed Back Loop is based on T3 activity, it is not based on the measurement of the free-floating T3 hormone in the serum.

Without the knowledge I acquired from reading the 2015 German study that patients suffering from Trichothecene Toxicity have Trichothecene molecules sitting on their T3 mitochondrial receptors, I would have assumed that I was petroleum toxic from the outgassing of new nonorganic paint, etc.

My Free T3 hormone has been blocked for the last two years from undiagnosed Trichothecene Toxicity.

I have preached to my patients for years, “you must have the grout and shower tile analyzed at least twice a year.”

Doctors do as you advise your patients.

I could have avoided so much suffering if I had taken my own advice and found a Stachybotrys Black Mold infestation behind my shower wall two years ago.

Back to the German study that came out in 2015, my T3 receptors on my mitochondria in every cell of my body were occupied by Trichothecene, which disallowed activation of my mitochondria.

Like my patients, the more lethargy I suffered, the sicker I became, and the more time I spent lying in bed in that bedroom next to the Black Mold Infestation.

Couple Key Points
I’ve always advised patients to have their homes inspected at least once a year, particularly a hyper-vigilant inspection with an infrared camera around the shower and bathtub areas.
I did not heed my own advice.

B Without the knowledge I acquired from the sophisticated German research in 2015, and my analysis of the Thyroid Hormonal Ratios, I would not have been as persistent in asking for a hidden mold inspection, especially with the false negative test for Trichothecenes.

That 2015 German study proving Trichothecene blocks the T3 hormone from its mitochondrial receptors is a Land Mark Study.

The resultant spuriously elevated measurement of the “free” T3 hormone in patients who suffer undiagnosed Trichothecene Toxicity is most likely the reason so many physicians leave their patients in a “hypothyroid state.” even though the physician has raised the Free T3 level to the top of the 95 percent bell-shaped curve.

In spite of the slightly elevated Free T3 hormone, I suffered many symptoms of Hypothyroidism and Trichothecene poison over the last two years, including a retinal detachment. German scientists proved Trichothecene causes Retinal Detachments n 2011, retinal detachments and macular degeneration are commonly caused by Trichothecene Toxicity.

In retrospect,
I have persistently had to increase my Intravenous Glutathione use over the last two years; why was I in sick ch denial?

Because I am both a man and a doctor, that combination yields double denial.

I have been suffering classical Hypothyroid Symptoms in spite of a Free T3 level of 4.7;
Cold hands and cold feet,
Severe Fatigue
Dry Skin
Compromised Mitochondrial Function Causing Severe Lethargy

Symptoms of Trichothecene Toxicity

Six months of “Morning Nausea,” which is a classic symptom derived from Trichothecene-induced inflammation of the pancreas.
Of note, German research in 2016 proved that Trichothecene causes both Pancreatitis and Pancreatic Cancer.

Trichothecenes also cause Diabetes; the mycotoxins destroy the Beta Islet Cells in the pancreas that are responsible for producing insulin.

In 2018, we reversed our first Trichothecene-induced Insulin Dependent Diabetes. In a 32-year-old female from San Jose, Costa Rica.

We combined the Sponaugle Protocols, including Intravenous Phospholipids and high-dose Glutathione, to mobilize the Trichothecene Mold Toxins, and other lipophilic industrial toxins, out of the pancreas.

We also used Exosome Therapy as an adjunct to the Sponaugle Protocols to enhance the regeneration of her Beta Ilet Cells.

I had been experiencing more difficulty with balance and simply feeling less coordinated over the last year or so.

Thus cirrekates well with Trichothecene Toxicity. By 2014, our SWI PET Brain Imaging studies had proven that the purkinje cells in the the cerebellum are the most sensitive brain neurons to Trichothecene poisoning.

I actually presented several PET Scans demonstrating this phenomenon at ILAds 2016 in Philadelphia.

You can find several examples of Trichothecene-induced down-regulation of cerebellar activity on my youtube channel in a webinar titled;

“Lyme Disease and Mold Toxicity”
“Double Trouble for Your Brain”

Last but not least, my testing two weeks ago revealed I had Hemochromatosis and elevated Ferritin level.

Ferritin is the first thing the liver fails to Conjugate when Cytochrome P-450 detox pathways are shut down from Trichothecene, Ammonia is second, and Bilirubin is 3rd.

Many of my patients remember that I have taught, for over a decade, that a brilliant Ph.D. in Microbiology at Texas Tech University proved that the macrocyclic Trichothecenes are ten times more liver toxic than alcohol.

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