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Sponaugle Wellness Institute Treats Yolanda Hadid For Lyme Disease

Yolanda's Lyme Disease Treatment at Sponaugle Wellness Institute

Yolanda Hadid, the mother of models Gigi and Bella Hadid, has been open about her battle with Lyme disease since her diagnosis in 2012.

She has used her platform to raise awareness and advocate for research and proper treatment of this debilitating illness. This article will take you through Yolanda Hadid's journey with Lyme disease, her treatments, and her advocacy work, focusing on her experience at the Sponaugle Wellness Institute.

Yolanda Hadid sought treatment for Lyme Disease Treatment at the Sponaugle Wellness Institute in Oldsmar, FL, as mentioned in her book "Believe Me".

Dr. Rick Sponaugle treated Yolanda with a personalized approach, including intravenous therapy, detoxification protocols, and various advanced techniques to address her unique needs.

In her book "Believe Me," Yolanda outlined her journey to healing from Lyme disease and shared her experience at the Sponaugle Wellness Institute.

She has been quoted as saying,

“I felt like I was finally being heard and understood by a doctor who genuinely wanted to help me.” - Yolanda Hadid.

Yolanda's treatment at the institute played a significant role in her recovery, and she has since been dedicated to raising awareness about Lyme disease and advocating for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Although Yolanda explains, she doesn’t yet have a “clean bill of health,” her six weeks spent at Sponaugle Wellness have given her the ability to get “out of bed and well enough to (work).” She states in Believe Me, “Dr. Sponaugle points out that I have high mold levels in my body… This is a big problem for people with Lyme because it weakens the immune system.”

“I’m brought in to see Dr. Sponaugle. He appears to be a genius whose treatments and ideas are outside the box. During my appointment, I can sense his excitement about healing and his underlying frustration with the world of traditional medicine.” - Yolanda Hadid.

Yolanda's advocacy and impact on lyme disease awareness
Yolanda Hadid Was Treated for Lyme Disease by Dr. Rick Sponaugle MD

Read Yolanda Foster’s testimonial about her experience at Sponaugle Wellness.

My girlfriend Suzanne Somers told me about The Spounagle Wellness Institute because the Doctor had cured her granddaughter Violet of Lyme disease.

The truth is, no matter how sick you are, nobody is ready to pack up and leave their family behind to go to Clearwater, Florida. The same happened to me until my son Anwar reminded me that even though I had been home in bed for the past 6 months, I wasn’t really participating in life. I had become the shell of the woman I used to be and spent my days staring at the ceiling.

I went from a hard-working, multi-tasking social butterfly to living in a mentally paralyzed cocoon. I was not able to read, process information, write or do something as simple as watch t.v.

90 days of multiple Intravenous antibiotics did me more harm than good, my body was a toxic waste dump, and I had yeast coming out of every part of my body.

Initially, I committed to spending 3 weeks at The Institute in Florida until I realized what incredible progress I was making and finally gladly stayed for 6.

Obviously, it would not be fair to expect to be cured of Chronic Lyme disease in 6 weeks after years of suffering, but I am definitely feeling 80% better. I am looking forward to continuing my health journey at home while hopefully participating in the everyday things in life.

In my eyes, Dr. Spounagle is a forward thinker in medicine, willing to think outside the box. He does not take NO for an answer and will lay out the puzzle until all the pieces fit.

He is an MD that uses integrative medicine and Hi-tech testing to diagnose and show progress in your recovery while working towards the cure for Lyme disease.

Thank you to the team effort at the Spounagle Wellness Institute for making me believe in miracles as I continue this health journey.

I am committed to raising awareness of this silent killer called Chronic neurological Lyme disease, and it won't stop until proper diagnostic testing and a cure are found!!

Much Love,

Yolanda Foster

Where did yolanda hadid receive lyme disease treatment?
Yolanda Hadid Lyme Disease: A Journey to Healing and Advocacy

Yolanda's Lyme Disease Diagnosis and Early Struggles

In 2012, Yolanda Hadid was diagnosed with severe, chronic neurological Lyme disease after a Belgium doctor discovered an active infection in her brain.

The former "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star has since been open about her struggles with Lyme disease, including depression, fatigue, brain fog, memory loss, and difficulty with word retrieval.

Yolanda revealed in her memoir, "Believe Me: My Battle with the Invisibility of Lyme Disease," that the illness once drove her to contemplate suicide. In addition to her battle, Yolanda's children, Bella and Anwar Hadid, were also diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease in 2012, further motivating her to seek effective treatments and raise awareness.

Yolanda's Advocacy and Impact on Lyme Disease Awareness

Since her diagnosis and treatment, Yolanda Hadid has been committed to raising awareness about Lyme disease and advocating for proper diagnostic testing and a cure. Through her platform as a public figure, she has shared her story and experiences with millions, shedding light on the struggles faced by those with Lyme disease and the need for better understanding and treatment options.

Yolanda has worked with organizations like the Global Lyme Alliance and has spoken at numerous events, sharing her journey and the experiences of her children, Bella and Anwar, who also suffer from Lyme disease. Her dedication to advocacy has brought much-needed attention to this often misunderstood and underdiagnosed illness.

Yolanda Hadid's battle with Lyme disease and her journey to healing at the Sponaugle Wellness Institute has inspired many others facing similar struggles. Her advocacy work has helped raise awareness about the importance of proper diagnosis, treatment, and research for Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses.

The Sponaugle Wellness Institute's personalized approach to treating chronic Lyme disease and its commitment to patient care and support make them a leader in advanced health care for those suffering from this debilitating illness.

If you or someone you know is struggling with Lyme disease, consider contacting the Sponaugle Wellness Institute to explore their comprehensive treatment options and experience the healing they have provided for Yolanda Hadid and many others.

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