Dr. Joshua Helman, MD

Meet Dr. Joshua Helman, MD

Dr. Joshua Helman is a Harvard-trained board-certified physician licensed in fourteen states. He embraces an integrative approach to health, wellness, medicine, and life. He has two degrees in biochemistry (undergraduate from Harvard and master’s from University of Cambridge [UK]). His medical degree is from Harvard Medical School and MIT. He is passionate about applying his biochemical knowledge to real-world challenges. He is board-certified in emergency medicine and lifestyle medicine. Dr. Helman has served as an attending physician throughout his career and ultimately as the Medical Director for Hippocrates Health Institute in Palm Beach, Florida.

Dr. Joshua helman, md
Dr. Joshua Helman, MD

Education and Training

Dr. Helman developed a passion for integrative medicine. He believes in treating the patient as a whole and not as his or her individual symptoms, which lead him to join the integrative medicine team at Sponaugle Wellness Institute.

His clinical and research focus is on these areas:

  1. Regenerative medicine
  2. Wellness
  3. Environmental medicine
  4. Mold toxicity
  5. Lyme disease

Dr. Helman has always been interested in fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. He naturally became self-educated regarding the medicinal benefits of nutritional wellness and the longevity benefits of exercise and various herbal medications inspiring him to begin studying functional medicine and regenerative medicine to provide more holistic care for his patients.

As an integrative MD, Dr. Helman has found he gets better patient results when he combines his expertise in critical care medicine with ongoing learning and training in the principles of naturopathic medicine and the new frontier of regenerative medicine.

Upon joining the medical staff at Sponaugle Wellness Institute, Dr. Helman quickly revealed his passion for healing complex patients, many of which have failed to regain their health after seeing an average of 30 physicians.

Working at Sponaugle Wellness Institute, Dr. Helman treats many chronic and neurological Lyme patients referred to our clinic for more intensive care than can be provided in a typical physician’s office setting. He has been a part of the clinic’s team for five years. After multiple physicians, it is clear Dr. Helman is the right fit for Sponaugle Wellness Institute.

Our IV therapy room is staffed with experienced nurses and provides an inpatient level of care for complex patients who typically suffer from multiple organ dysfunction, as do hospitalize intensive care patients. For this reason, Dr. Helman has found his multi-faceted training invaluable for providing the quality care our patients require.

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