Mold Toxicity

Mold. A Common Cause Of Chronic Illness

Holistic Treatment For Toxic Black Mold & Biotoxin Illness

Mold Toxicity, also known as Mold Sickness or Mold Poisoning, is an emerging illness that has become much more prevalent in the last 50 years. It wasn’t until the 1970s that we began producing more air-tight, energy-efficient homes, and office buildings. The advent of drywall and the production of energy-efficient homes has caused a rapid rise in the number of Americans suffering from black mold symptoms and black mold health effects.

The Federal Government recently released a report suggesting that 50 percent of America’s buildings are “sick” buildings. The toxic gases produced by indoor mold spores often “outgas” from molds that are hidden behind water damaged walls, behind shower tiles, and above ceilings where condensation from air conditioning units has occurred. This is driving an increase in mold symptoms like never before.

God gave us logs and stone; mold grows slowly on wood and stone, but it flourishes on wet drywall, which is essentially pressed paper. Prior to 1970, the majority of our walls were made from plaster and plywood.

When buildings suffer water damage, molds grow quickly on cellulose material like drywall. Billions of toxin-producing mold colonies can become trillions of colonies in just days. Two phenomena, the advent of drywall and the production of energy-efficient homes, have caused a rapid rise in the number of Americans suffering from mold toxicity.

At Sponaugle Wellness Institute, we have successfully treated thousands of patients who were suffering from undiagnosed mold toxicity because of their exposure to mold spores and toxic molds in water-damaged buildings. We have correlated 6,015 mold-mycotoxin levels with toxin-induced aberrations in our patient’s brain chemistry patterns and with abnormalities seen on their brain scans. The abnormalities seen on the brain scans of our mold-toxic patients correlate well with their neurological symptoms.

Research has enabled Sponaugle Wellness Institute to better determine whether the primary cause of a patient’s neurological symptoms is a Brain infection like Lyme disease or mold mycotoxin-induced, down-regulation of electrical activity in the brain regions that correlate with the neurological symptoms.

Sponaugle Wellness Institute now has a Brain Imaging database of 400 PET scans, 150 SPECT scans, and 200 MRI studies in patients suffering from a combination of Mold Toxicity and Lyme Disease.

Common neurological symptoms caused by both Mold Toxicity and Lyme Disease include memory loss, inability to grab words, slurred speech, stuttering, ataxia, loss of balance, dyscoordination, foot drop, limb weakness, resting tremor, intentional tremor, and poor handwriting.

Dr. Sponaugle’s Own Personal Mold Toxicity Story

“In 2006, after leaving a fifth-floor Chief of Anesthesiology office for a much larger office on the ground level of a Tampa Bay Hospital, I started to suffer greatly,” said Dr. Sponaugle. “Hidden behind the wall of the ground floor office was a massive infestation of Stachybotrys “Black” mold.

“Like most patients suffering from mold exposure, I was sick from the Trichothecene toxins releasing gases from behind the wall. I attempted my black mold exposure treatment with oral detox regimens and Charcoal-based products, but I found them ineffective. For this reason, I have worked diligently over the years to design and continuously advance intravenous therapy for treating mold toxicity.”

Referenced As The Expert Mold Toxicity Doctor

In 2012, Dr. Sponaugle gave interviews for two very informative books, Suzanne Somers’ book “Bombshell” and Brenda Watson’s book “Heart of Perfect Health.”

“In both books, I described in great detail the mechanisms by which environmental toxins – particularly mold mycotoxins – cause multiple medical disorders,” Dr. Sponaugle said.

“As of February 2015, I have performed analyses of 6,045 mold-mycotoxin levels from the Real Time Lab in Dallas,” Dr. Sponaugle said. “Through clinical research (described below), I have determined that the common denominator in most chronically ill, neurotoxic patients is HLA – DRB – DBQ genetics, which disallows effective removal of mold mycotoxins from the body. Some calculations suggest a 465 percent reduction of efficacy in removing mold toxins, the toxic gases produced by indoor mold spores.

“More importantly, I have correlated Trichothecene and Ochratoxin levels with the under-active Brain regions seen on PET Brain imaging and the neurological symptoms these mold-toxic patients were experiencing. I have also correlated 6,000 mold mycotoxin levels with changes in neurotransmitter patterns [9,000] and infectious bio-markers for Lyme Disease and other tick-borne infections.”

Validation of Advanced IV Therapy for Mold Sickness

Chris from New Jersey

  • At 51.97 ppb, Chris’ original Trichothecene level was 260 times greater than what the federal government sets as critical (anything below 0.2 ppb is normal).
  • In one day, Sponaugle Wellness Institute’s Advanced Intravenous Treatment for Mold Illness dropped Chris’ Trichothecene level From 51.97 to 1.74!

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