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Sponaugle Wellness Institute

At Sponaugle Wellness Institute, we believe truly “holistic” wellness treatment should not only heal the body, it should also heal the brain!! The brain is our most complex organ. Optimizing brain function in sick patients requires extraordinary knowledge of brain physiology, modern brain science and the expertise derived from treating thousands of patients with brain disorders.

Our Medical Director, Rick Sponaugle M.D., is an integrative medicine physician who has treated 9,000 patients with various brain and neurological disorders. Dr. Sponaugle has performed sophisticated brain research correlating over 10,000 Brain Chemistry analyses with neurotoxin levels and their associated changes on SPECT and PET brain imaging. Many of these patients suffered from undiagnosed Lyme disease, Bartonellosis, Mold Toxicity and environmental toxicity. Dr. Sponaugle’s treatment protocols have enabled eight Lyme patients to come out of their wheel chairs this year. Below are a few patients who chose to share their story.

Lyme Disease – Wheelchair Patients

lyme disease and brain

Dr. Sponaugle continuously improves his treatment protocols for Lyme disease and, for healing the brain and nervous system. He has reversed the symptoms of ADHD, Anxiety, OCD, Alzheimer’s, Brain Fog, Brain Trauma, Dementia, Depression, Memory Loss, Neuropathy and Multiple Sclerosis in thousands of grateful patients.


Lyme Disease

lyme treatment Florida
At Sponaugle Wellness Institute, we have successfully treated many “chronic Lyme patients” without the harmful effects of antibiotic therapy.

Mold Toxicity

toxic black mold treatment
At Sponaugle Wellness Institute, we have treated over 2,000 patients who were suffering from undiagnosed mold toxicity.

Brain Trauma

Brain Trauma Treament
Dr. Sponaugle’s clinical research has proven that quarterbacks sustain more trauma to the posterior brain regions…


depression treatment
At Sponaugle Wellness Institute, we specialize in treating depression. We have successfully treated thousands of patients.

14 Yr Old Canadian Girl Arrives At SWI In Wheelchair And Leaves 10 Weeks Later Running

19 Yr Old Australian Girl Arrives At SWI In Wheelchair And 12 Weeks Later Returns Home Walking

Lyme Cure Treatment“Dr. Sponaugle featured on Suzanne Somers.”

Lyme Cure Treatment“Dr. Phil has referred patients to Sponaugle Wellness Institute.”

Lyme Cure Treatment“The Road to Perfect Health”

Lyme Treatment“CNN Anchor Anderson Cooper has featured Dr. Sponaugle on his popular show.”

Dr. And Mrs. Sponaugle Cured Their Daughter Of Chronic Lyme Disease

Alexa Sponaugle, our teenage daughter, contracted Lyme disease when she was 13 years old. Alexa was a horse lover and spent most of her evenings working with horses. Ironically, a recent study in New Jersey tested 90 horses dispersed throughout the state and found 80 of the 90 had Lyme disease, something to think about. After two years of LLMD Lyme treatment, Alexa almost died from a mega-dose antibiotic therapy consisting of six different antibiotics every day.

Read More Of Alexa's Story

Her Lyme literate doctors were bright and compassionate physicians, however, like most LLMDs, Lyme Literate Medical Doctors, they were hyper-focused on juggling various antibiotic regimens with disregard for the ultimate destruction they were causing to Alexa’s body and brain. In addition, Alexa suffered from antibiotic-induced down-regulation of her immune function, I explain the multiple mechanisms by which this occurs on our Lyme page.

On many of those dark days, Alexa could not navigate from her bedroom to our kitchen. Mothers will always rise to the occasion and save the day when it comes to their children. Through the intensive homeopathic research my wife, Kim, performed, research that as an ICU specialist trained in western medicine, I initially didn’t respect or believe, we designed a 90 percent natural Lyme treatment that ultimately saved our daughter’s life. Today Alexa is a healthy freshman in college.

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