Mia from Australia | Lyme Disease

Dr. Sponaugle Brings Australian Patient Out Of Wheelchair

Learn about Mia's road to recovery in her interview with Dr. Sponaugle (below)

Testimonial for australian lyme disease patient at sponaugle wellness institute
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Mia's Story

Mia was 13-years-old when she first started having flu-like symptoms that became worse over time. Before her Lyme Disease diagnosis, Mia was active and was a a serious runner (with a coach).

For the next six years, she was treated by multiple physicians in Australia, spending the final two years in a wheelchair.

Mia's Lyme Disease Symptoms included:

- Flu-like symptoms in early stages
- Brain fog
- Depression
- Anxiety
- Pain and fatigue, primarily in hips and legs
- Initial treatments included antibiotics, but symptoms continued to worsen over time.

Dr. Sponaugle treated Mia for Lyme Disease, and after 12 weeks, she was up and out of her wheelchair walking again and ready to return to Australia!

Mia's mom, Debbie, and Dr. Sponaugle share something in common: The love for their daughters, and their full dedication in helping them fight Lyme Disease.

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