Teal from Colorado

Lyme Disease & Chronic Fatigue Treatment Program

Teal's Story of Healing from Lyme Disease & Chronic Fatigue

Teal is a 17-year-old from Colorado who came to Florida Detox and Wellness Institute in a wheelchair in November 2011.

Teal was so fatigued, she could not stay awake. Teal suffered from such severe chronic fatigue, she had not been to a shopping mall for more than three years, quite unusual for a teenage girl.

Teal had a history of suffering from Lyme disease for five years since the age of 12 when she was bitten by several ticks at a summer camp. Shortly after, she became bedridden from Lyme disease. She reminded Dr. Sponaugle of the suffering his young Alexa had gone through just a few years prior.

Lyme disease treatment testimonial | dr rick sponaugle brings teal out of wheel chair
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Since age 12, Teal had been receiving Lyme Disease Treatment consisting of antibiotics on a daily basis, including three years of daily, intravenous antibiotics through a port in her chest. After receiving five years of failed Lyme treatment from various Colorado doctors, Teal moved to San Francisco and later to Seattle for more Lyme Treatment from renowned Lyme physicians. The various Lyme specialists prescribed different “antibiotic cocktails,” none of which were successful in killing Teal’s Lyme infection*.

When Teal arrived at Florida Detox and Wellness Institute, she could barely walk and she suffered with narcolepsy. The picture on the left was taken during her first appointment, Teal had to be woken from her daytime somulence to talk with Dr. Sponaugle. Teal set a new record for adrenal failure in Dr. Sponaugle’s clinic, morning Cortisol levels should be around 18, Teal’s AM Cortisol level was 0.3 almost immeasurable!*

This picture was taken after just four weeks of Dr Sponaugle’s Lyme Treatment.

Lyme disease treatment testimonial | dr rick sponaugle brings teal out of wheel chair

The eyes are the window to the soul; look into Teal’s eyes, not at her eyes, as you compare her pictures before and after Dr Sponaugle’s Lyme Treatment. The night before her second picture was taken, Teal had gone with her mother to the International Mall in Tampa, her first visit to a shopping mall in 3 ½ years. Teal left her wheel chair in Tampa, a great symbolic event for Teal and her mother*.

Teal lives in Colorado, although she spent four years living in San Francisco and Seattle where she underwent Lyme treatment by nationally renowned LLMDs. Her Lyme doctors prescribed six different IV antibiotics everyday over a four year period. Teal suffered from severe hormonal suppression and antibiotic-induced malnutrition as seen below in her amino acid analysis.

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