Therese from Toronto | Lyme Disease

Therese from Toronto*, a 65-year-old university professor, was disabled for 11 years before finding Dr. Sponaugle.

Profound fatigue and lethargy resulted in a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue. She was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease. Her illness interrupted her career as a professor and itinerant lecturer in Canada, as she spent six years attempting to find quality Lyme treatment.

After six years of failed Lyme treatment with the typical antibiotic approach to infectious diseases, coupled with genetic deficiencies and a failing liver, Therese turned to Sponaugle Wellness Institute as a last resort.*

On her journey to wellness with Dr. Sponaugle, she found renewed hope. She learned from Dr. Sponaugle that severe mold toxicity had shut down her immune system and caused her liver failure.

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