Rhodora from Florida | Mold Toxicity

College Student Mold Toxicity Treatment Success

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Rhodora’s Testimonial

Rhodora’s mother, Carol, originally came to Sponaugle Wellness Institute in 2013 to treat Lyme Disease and Mold Toxicity. Dr. Sponaugle ultimately treated 23 of Carol’s family members who hailed from Pittsburg, PA, to Naples, FL. Three years later, Carol wrote Dr. Sponaugle to tell him how life-changing his treatment was for the entire family.

Carol’s daughter, Rhodora, underwent treatment for Mold Toxicity at Sponaugle Wellness Institute. Dr. Sponaugle determined Rhodora had been suffering from undiagnosed Mold Toxicity. He felt strongly that her college dormitory had hidden black mold.

Rhodora returns to Sponaugle Wellness Institute twice a year to detoxify the mold toxins she is exposed to while studying at college. She credits Dr. Sponaugle’s brain optimization treatment for her ability to maintain exceptional grades while in college.

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